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# 1 Season 7 Dev Blog #32
01-29-2013, 01:00 PM
Content Designer Charles Gray shares details about the upcoming 3-Year Anniversary event in this entry of the Season 7 News Dev Blog series.

Link to the blog.
Brandon "BranFlakes" Felczer | Former Community Team Lead for Perfect World Entertainment
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# 2
01-29-2013, 01:00 PM
time for some reading me thinks , be right back with comments
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# 3
01-29-2013, 01:02 PM
*facepalm* where's the stats?
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# 4
01-29-2013, 01:02 PM
So much for getting stats on these ships...

Is it really so difficult for you guys to put out all the details on something at once, as opposed to dragging out blogs over three days?

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# 5
01-29-2013, 01:02 PM
Woot! Good job, Cryptic!
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# 6
01-29-2013, 01:02 PM
This sounds so good.
Thank You.
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# 7
01-29-2013, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by tehjonel View Post
*facepalm* where's the stats?
THIS. Seems more like a troll post.
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# 8
01-29-2013, 01:06 PM
Support Cruiser.

Okay, so one takes a look at the types out there looking for a Support starship. One finds the KDF Support Vessels.

In looking at that, one might be tempted to start looking at the Nebula...

Hrmmm... oh, how the speculation will continue!
...imagine something amusing here...
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# 9
01-29-2013, 01:06 PM
Just my opinion, but I would of combined this dev blog with the one for tomorrow(?) with the ship stats. The picture is nice though.
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# 10
01-29-2013, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
THIS. Seems more like a troll post.
Maybe ... maybe not.

It was nice to learn how we are getting them but they know we all are dying to know the stats. ... So they are stretching it out.

It's expected. Its what they do.

Lockbox gets announced one day and the stats for the ship comes out the next.

Same in this case. ... and so we continue our waiting.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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