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# 61
02-03-2013, 05:02 AM
I've been using mine as an experiment, my first foray into a torpedo boat build. I've spent a stupid amount of EC (well a few million, hey it's a lot to me) using different weapons and configurations and I'm very happy with the results.



X3 Rapid Reload Transphasic torps
X1 Breen Cluster torp


X4 Disruptor turrets

The turrets are only there for the reduce resistance bonus. I may swap one of the turrets for one of the torps, the rate of fire is so crazy I don't think I need 3 up front.





X1 Borg Universal
X1 Monotanium Alloy
X1 Ablative Hull Armor
X1 Tetraburnium Hull Armor


X1 Emitter Array
X1 Shield Emitter Amplifier


X3 Transphasic Compressors

Tac consoles are Purple MKXI, everything else is Blue MKXI


X2 Projectile Weapons Officers (blue)
X1 Comm Officer
X1 Technician
X1 Shield Distribution Officer


Lt Tac: Torpedo Spread 1, Torpedo High Yield 2
Ens Tac: Tactical Team 1
Cmdr Eng: Em Power to Shields 1, Engineering Team 2, Auxillery to Structural 2, Aceton Beam 3
Lt Eng: Em Power to Weapons 1, Em Power to Shields 2
Lt Sci: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Feedback Pulse 2


I know it's by no means perfect but damn it's fun to fly. I can stay at max range, keep my energy levels on the 'equal' setting (shield setting if it get's hairy) and bludgeon ships to death. I've noticed that I gain aggro from Borg a lot more often with this ship so it must do something right
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# 62
02-03-2013, 05:03 AM

I went ahead and switched EWP2 for AtS3, switched RSP2 for EWP1, and switched AtS1 for RSP1. It made it passable to tank with it in ISE - far more exciting (more active tanking) than with the Mirror Vor'cha - but I was able to do it a few times with only a single death to the gate while holding aggro on everything so the Escorts could focus on obliterating everything.

Honestly though, I even dorked around with it on my Tac for a bit in Ker'rat - and - I wasn't experiencing the issues I had when I first unpacked it on the Eng and took it into battle where my crew disappeared in no time which led to hull disintegration. Initially, it felt like I was sporting no resistance and damage had 100% instead of 20% to whack crew.

Thanks though, because your build in regard to those abilities is definitely working better for the ship for me.
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# 63
02-03-2013, 07:27 AM

Happy to help.

For me it's been a more active approach too, I'll admit that. The Negh'var can shrug off a lot of damage, it's very forgiving that way. This one, less so, but also fun to fly because of it. Keeps me on my toes ^^
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# 64
02-03-2013, 05:22 PM
I got mine Sat and played with it for few hours after getting it. I love the ship, and can really dish out some dps. Its a speedy ship on turning as well. The extra tactical spot gives it a more punch compared to my Negh'Var. Which has the extra engineering spot.

Love the graphics and how it handles. Expect to see mine being used for a good while. As now I have another option other than the Breen and Negh'Var I already have.
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# 65
02-03-2013, 05:50 PM
If I could justify ditching my bird of prey, I'd use it but...

It's so UGLY! D:
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# 66
02-03-2013, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by tsf00181 View Post
If that was aimed at me, here they are:

LT Tactical:
Tac Team One, Cannon Rapid 1

Ensign Tactical:
Torpedo High Yield 1

Commander Engineering:
Emergency to Shields 1, Aux to Battery 1, Emergency to Structural 2, Reverse Shield Polarity 3

LT Engineering:
Emergency to Shields 1, Aux to Battery 1

Lt Commander Science:
Hazard Emitters 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Gravity well 1

3x Purple Technicians
2x Projectile Weapons Officers

I'm going to switch out the Emergency to Structural 2 for Directed Energy Modulation I think, its not getting used because it shares a cool down with the Aux to Battery.

I've since adding a Borg Console and Cutting beam to the build, replacing the SIF console and rear torpedo. This guy was a new character. Plasma Torpedo is a place holder until I can get to T4 Omega for that torpedo.

I'm going to eventually replace the Projectile officers with some more defensive ones. Probably the Subsystem cooldown ones or the Auxiliary Quartermaster if I can fine them. EC is a little tight right now
Thanks nice build although I got mine using beams.
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# 67 Kamarag customization
02-05-2013, 10:48 PM
Another Klingon vessel unable to customize. Cryptic should have at least allow fleet emblems to be placed on the vessel if your in a fleet. Unfortunately players who are in a fleet can not.

Maybe Cryptic could fix that before season 8.....sigh

Besides that its a nice looking vessel. Hope they give fleet members the ability to place their fleet emblem on the ship soon....
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# 68 i like it
02-12-2013, 12:08 AM
This is a perfect tank for a tac captain.... because tac captains have alot of skills which make it unnecesary to use boffs skills for them....its eng and sci boffs allow you to have great survivability while your innate tac skills will allow you to kill. In combination it gives you great survivability while being able to pack a punch..
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# 69
02-12-2013, 01:17 PM
I quite agree that this is a very solid candidate for a TAC Captain. Fairly nimble (all over the Fed cruisers.. Manuverability can be used to generate misses and lower damage after all) though not quite as good as a Fleet K't'inga. If you read todays Blog post that situation is about to be rectified with the addition on the Fleet K'maj, which is a varient on the Kamarag.

-------------------from Blog Post--------------------------
The K?maj variant of the Kamarag Battle Cruiser has been specifically designed to support your Fleet. Fleet Starships are built to the highest standard and have increased Hull Hit Points, Shield Strength and an additional Console slot. In comparison to its non-Fleet counterpart, it boasts a Lieutenant Universal station, in lieu of a Lieutenant Engineering station, and an additional Science Console slot.

In addition to these stat upgrades, the Fleet version of the Kamarag Battle Cruiser Retrofit will come default with a K?maj configuration variant (in addition to being able to use the Kamarag design configuration), as well as a unique Fleet Material.

Faction: Klingon
Rank Required: Lieutenant General
Availability: Fleet Shipyard
Hull Strength: 38,500
Shield Modifier: 1.1
Crew: 700
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Ensign Tactical, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal
Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn Rate: 10.5 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Can Equip Cannons
+10 Weapon Power, +10 Engine Power
Cloaking Device

.................................................. ..........................................
the fleet version of this ship this tougher then the Fleet K't'inga (K't'inga may have a slight shield strength advantage.. currently undergoing change on tribble)
That Lt Universal BOFF gives the ship quite a bit of versatility. 3 Science slots can give one a remarkable ability with a SCI captain to have some interesting ..and potent fun, and 3 tactical device slots are not to be sneezed at. I am surprised they didn't too a LtC TAC BOFF on this one to tell the truth. This one can definatly walk and chew gum. All in all quite capable of serious performance regardless of the type of captain. That ENG captains can also have a great fun goes without saying.

Fed players for the most don't understand KDF ship roles. All Klingon ship designs are damage dealers first and foremost. All are set up to reward aggressive attack. Quite easy to understand really. If the enemy is dead they cannot harm you. Singular over arcing Klingon meem.

The Window dressing and Battle Fashion comentary:

There are differences between the physical models of the Kamarag and the K'maj. So hopefully we will get to customize a little. I want to use the Nacels off the Kamarag, and keep the boom off the K'maj (though truely I'd like to use the main hull off Koro't'i'nga..love the impulse engine array on that hull... I recall an enlarged version that was done by a moddler for a SFC-II model, wish we had that!)

I see no reason why a Klingon warship cannot look bad ass while going around keeping intersteller idiocy at a minimum.

Kui sends.

(yes occasionaly I go ahead and post semi IC..the Orion babe speaks.)
(Khemaraa sends)

((ADDENDUM: there is a tweet updateon the K'Maj, only 4 modules..))
"I mean to misbehave" -Malcolm Reynolds

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# 70
02-17-2013, 11:19 AM
What sort of weapons are you guys using? I have this ship with a Tactical captain from a BOP, and am trying to figure out how to play it. Should it fill an artillery support position with big torps and cannons, or put beams on it and try to get in the fight, or what?

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