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01-31-2013, 11:35 AM
25 minutes yet
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01-31-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by fumanink View Post
Good he picked acting...don't think he'd make it as a song and dance man...
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01-31-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by dragunfyr View Post
He's dead, Jim. You get his tricorder, I'll get his wallet.
Can I get his phaser? Hehe
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01-31-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by crownvic2door View Post

This is how i feel about this, and ironically that video is by far the funniest dam thing I have ever seen, I do not know why I'm not even a trekie I just wanna play a friggin game! its so funny my gut hurts, I cant think straight and I got tears rollin down...omg my face hurts otoo... I love that part just before the face palm, its like shear greif hopless grief over something trivial that you can't fix.
then BAM into the palms...then the data look...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ofh I'm starting to laugh again. make it stop!..
He who is tired of Data is tired of life.
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01-31-2013, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by cardall87 View Post
That's not a thing.
CARDAL, CONGRATS on your first forum post! Too bad you will be remembered for responding to this idiot's comment lol
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01-31-2013, 11:36 AM
Someone needs to talk to Q during the event... see if he can fix all the issues in STO so we won't have a repeat...but maybe even Q won't be able to fix it.
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01-31-2013, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
Your being a paying customer does not give you a need to know.

Why do you need to know if someone messed up? It does not benefit you in any way. You are not responsible for disciplining Cryptic employees.

Why do you need to know what is wrong with the launcher or servers? You are not involved in the maintenance.

The only thing you need to know is that there is a delay in the provision of the service. That is the only information you have a legitimate use for.
Originally Posted by tothejourny View Post
UTC would be a better standard, in my opinion.
I disagree.

And two more maintenance hours (so 4 instead of 2 hours) is enough time to provide some more information then the one statement "were still testing".
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Originally Posted by buzzout View Post
I think that's a bit optimistic my backwards friend. I give it 30% chance it'll be up in 90 minutes.
60% of the time it works every time...
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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

We will be bringing down Star Trek Online tomorrow, Thursday, January 31st, at 7AM PST (click here to view in your timezone) for maintenance and to apply a new patch. Patch notes can be found here, and we expect this maintenance to only last for 2 hours. The test server may also be unavailable during this time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

- The Star Trek Online Team

UPDATE (1/31 @ 8:54AM): We're going to be extending our maintenance. A new ETA will be provided as soon as one is available. As tests are still ongoing, please check out the red text on the top of the forum.

UPDATE (1/31 @ 10:17AM): The launcher should now be accessible. We'll be completing our maintenance ASAP. We'll update you upon completion. ETA noon PST (1 hour 43 minutes).

Is this mean STO is out til 12 at night ???

Men I love it when things are clean but this is a bad day for a ferengi, financial crisis !!!
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01-31-2013, 11:37 AM
and why we are all doing this the server is doing one thing.

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