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# 1 Clothing Materials
01-30-2013, 07:28 PM
Something that kind of bugs me (besides the Trill skin not matching between body and neck).

Some of my BOFFs wear skirts, particularly the Short Tight Skirt. The problem is not the look of the skirt so much as either the leathery material or slight coloration. I was trying to match TNG outfits (Season 1, 3, and Film) with a skirt and it just doesn't work. Using the TOS split skirt kinda works, but is a really (obviously) short skirt. I would like to eventually see a different material like the Sierra and get them to match. This may carry over to some of the pants as well.

I know it's all very minor from a game perspective but I'm sure there's a few developers working on outfits that may have a little time to work this in sometime next year.

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