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# 1 Cooperative career gameplay
01-30-2013, 11:39 PM
A friend on mine and myself want to play together through the game as a cooperative team.

We've decided that Engineer and Science should be the 2 career paths we take. One person concentrating on the tanking/support, while the other is mostly support/healing and additional damage/debuffing.

I'm sure there must be a thread or discussion somewhere about this, but i have yet to find it in the extensive amount of threads in the STO Forum. all my search attempts bring me, well rotten results.

if anyone can shed some light on this or direct me to a useful thread and/or be able to suggest proper bridge officer for each character

any help at all would be greatly appreciated . .. . even a good link to a youtube video tht discusses this very venture would be astounding.

If i haven't explained what i'm looking for here, please say so and i'll try to clear it up if i can.
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01-31-2013, 12:52 AM
Well, just to let you know, space Bridge Officer setup only depends on your ship, not your captain. The only difference your captain makes is your captain abilities, which are listed on the wiki. Ground is a different matter, though, as your ground role is determined by the kits you can mount.

Essentially, leveling up is very quick in this game, and can be done within 10 gameplay hours if you are fortunate, so this topic does not really come up most of the time. Endgame is where the action's at. Setups at lower levels are not usually discussed, as you can get through story missions with just about anything, and your setup will change every 10 levels as you get new ships.

Also, while Eng and Sci do great on the ground, having a Tac character that does more damage in space will be much more useful than an Eng. Given the low penalty on dying, it makes things much easier to have a Sci in a science vessel debuffing targets, and a Tac in an escort doing the actual damage. With an Eng and a Sci, you are going to be able to take hits, but you may end up taking forever to take down targets, and that is usually the important thing in most story missions.
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# 3
01-31-2013, 01:32 AM
i appreciate this input . . . hmmm . . .

My friend and I both had Tacticals, flying cruisers and were attempting to skill our game awarded B-Off's and captains as close to one another as possible, dumping skills points into everything - no idea what we were doing.

after reading some things on forums and listening/watching some youtube videos i got the idea we should probably just start over . . .

So we decided to sell off everything we had and pass the EC$ to an alt, delete our existing main toon, create a new character, one that could complement the other. He liked the idea of tanking/survivability while hitting as hard as he could and I would play healer/support.

. . . wish i had of asked this prior to setting up the new toons and buying the bridge officers from the exchange. Next time we log in we are supposed to be buying our relevant B-Off skills from the skill trainer on spacedock.

Wonder if i'll have any luck getting him to change to a tactical.

You said leveling in about 10 hours if we were fortunate? . . how is this accomplished?

We have been playing for nearly 2 months, at least 3-4 times a week for 1-2 hours at a time and only achieved level 29 with our starfleet captains. we did play a level or 2 into our Klingon KDF characters - which i also believe we have set up terribly.

further insight/ direction is appreciated - seems we are very lost here.
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01-31-2013, 04:32 AM
Well, I did exaggerate a little, it's more like 15-20 hours. First, one needs some EC, and purchase the skill point boosts that last for an hour, with no limit (don't bother with the ones that say they have a cap of x skillpoints). Next, do patrol missions (the ones you get when you approach a planet in sector space), preferably using an escort. No matter what career your captain is, blowing through low-level PvE is quickest in an escort, in my experience. The key thing is, don't hand in the missions yet. Wait for a day when you and your buddy are able to go online for an hour, and the Mirror Event is active. Then, team up, activate your skill boosts, submit whatever patrol missions you have already completed, and do the Mirror Incursion mission back-to-back for an hour(it can be found in the PvE queue window, where Fleet Actions can be found. It only shows up for an hour, and you can see when the next one will be in your mission journal window, where the hourly events are shown). This should give you about 3-4 levels in that hour. Rinse and repeat.

For Mirror Incursion, it goes quickest if you use escorts, mounting dual/dual heavy cannons with turrets in the back, maybe with one torpedo in front, with the skill Cannon Scatter Volley and Attack Pattern Beta, with Torpedo Spread if you have room. If you must run cruisers or science vessels, use Fire At Will instead of Cannon Scatter Volley(cruisers), or Gravity Well (Science Vessel). Don't get discouraged if you get blown up in there, just respawn and keep plugging away.

Of course, this is a little grindy, but Mirror Incursion is hands down the best mission to level, plus it can be run back-to-back during the hour that it's on, and it gives you a little dilithium per run. You can do it without the skill boosts, of course, but it's a little slower.

For a decent loadout and spec for endgame, look here:


It is a little outdated, but following it won't steer you wrong while you're gaining more experience.
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02-01-2013, 08:37 PM
well I appreciate all your input, this has been some what more eye-opening than i've found through any of my searches, so for that I thank you very much !

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