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# 1 Busted Skills.
01-24-2013, 06:44 AM
I'm a VA Sci, and I skilled up poorly.

I've got all ground and space points allocated, but still have 1000 skill points left to allocate.

I filed a GM ticket - ID #1,459,184, but have not received a reply.
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# 2
01-24-2013, 07:42 AM
With dilithium price so low, grind enough for a repec from the Z-store, then use them all before accepting when you finally use it. A good suggestion is to read the forums and post your build from look for the skill builder. Fill it out the best you can, or look for someone you like that has posted theirs and copy.

Respec will cost you 500 zen I think.
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# 3
01-27-2013, 09:16 PM
I have a respec token, but I'd like to avoid ending up in the same place again.

The ticket was replied to by GM Unception, I was instructed to run the force verify. I did so, and the issue was not resolved. When I replied to the ticket saying the issue was not resolved, it was marked as resolved and I was instructed to file a bug report, which I will not be able to follow up on.

The responses I received seemed like they were copied and pasted from a script.
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# 4
01-27-2013, 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by afreeby View Post
I was instructed to run the force verify... The responses I received seemed like they were copied and pasted from a script.
It was a scripted response. Force verify is for client side issues. Your skill tree is not on your client.

Is it that you have 1000 more to earn and are unable to or is it that you have 1000 unspent.

If it is the latter and you have all your Lieutenant abilities already maxed out then there is nothing they can do about poor skill planning. At that point I would recommend using the online skill planner. This will let you adjst how you want to spend your points before you actually do it.

If it is the former and are unable to earn the remaining 1000 then you need then you need to include screen shots to help them see what you are asking for. If you want to you can post them here and the community can see what the issue is.
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# 5
01-27-2013, 11:32 PM
this problem happens to a lot of people, I'm afraid it's because you earn more points leveling between RA(UH) and VA then you can spend on VA skills, you're gonna have to put the points in one of your lower ranked skills.
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# 6
01-28-2013, 06:11 AM
Did some quick math. Here is a chart of how many XP it takes to get from the minimum of the level before it till you unlock the next level...

Lt - 33,000 XP, 1,000 per = 33 skill points (SP)
Lt Cmdr - 60,000 XP, 1,500 per = 40 SP
Cmdr - 80,000 XP, 2,000 per = 40 SP
Captain - 90,000 XP, 2,500 per = 36 SP
Admiral - 103,000 XP, 3,000 per =34 SP with 1,000 XP left over...

As the math indicates, 33 bought skill points unlocks Lt. Cmdr. After buying 40 Lt Cmdr skill points, Cmdr level unlocks, etc. However, all players that do this - buy the exact amount of skill points to open the next level then buy only the new level's skills - they all wind up with a "leftover" 1,000 XP because of the math/rounding to get an even 366,000...

As I follow this progression 33/40/40/36/34 on all my toons, I'll dump that last 1k XP on a 34th Lt. skill point, usually driver coil for it's benefits to "break warp 10" engines and slipstream - I've been known to splurge on that point as early as level 45/46 if I have the Borg impulse on...
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...
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# 7
01-28-2013, 07:02 AM
Ha ha ha ha ha driver coils... Ha ha ha

No but on a serious note you don't need that many points in the T5 section you can always put more in T3 which give the best return. An idea is make a tribble account and play around with that respec token by deleting and recreating the tribble copie over and over till you get the build you like
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# 8 Driver coild
01-28-2013, 07:32 AM
If you spend even a single point in driver coils, you have wasted your skill points.
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# 9
01-28-2013, 10:46 AM
All of my T1 skills are maxed. I didn't know about things like skill planner when I started playing, and I figured that driver coil would make my ship go faster.

robdmc, it is a matter of having 1000 unspent skill points.

As I mentioned before, I have a respec token, but I don't want to end up in the same position after a respec.
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# 10
01-31-2013, 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by afreeby View Post
I figured that driver coil would make my ship go faster.
Which it does do, but only in sector space, not in local space (which is where ship combat occurs).

The only advantages to it in local space is that it slows the drain on your energy reserves and SLIGHTLY improves the terrible turn rate when you use full impulse... which is such a minimal bonus given energy recharge times and the fact that on full impulse, you've already pointed at a location and are really only expecting to go in a relatively straight line anyway.

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