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# 1 Returning player, what's new?
01-31-2013, 01:57 AM
Howdy fine people of STO

It's been quite sometime since I last logged in (for the Dominion Feature Episode) and I'm looking at coming back so wondered what's come in since then as there seems to be a vast amount of dev blogs and also where to start with the new stuff?
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01-31-2013, 03:41 AM
-Free to play
-At least a dozen new ships
-Dilithium everywhere
-Duty Officers
-something to do with your shuttle for once
-new romulus

About the only thing that's remained unchanged is the level of whining on the forums.
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01-31-2013, 04:08 AM
you basically missed season 6 and 7 for the most part, so check the last two updates

We have a starbase system that lets fleets progress and build up their own bases.
there are a bunch of new pve missions in the pve queue. a shuttle event, 3 romulan events, 6 fleet events and two stfs (about 12 in total give or take)

the fleet actions have mostly been reworked so things like the gorn minfield and the big dig are much quicker to complete and give out good rewards. the daily wrapper also gives out rewards and fleet marks.

there is a reputation system that lets you get more powers and equipment for playing borg and romulan missions.

new romulus has lots of little missions around the place. more story missions unlock as you go through the reputation tier. plus a new sector block with lots of little patrols.

nakura prime in eta eridani has a tholian invasion going on. similar to the borg on defera.

there is a new repetable foundry wrapper than can be done every 30 minutes. so a good opertunity to play foundry missions now.

today is the 3rd year anniversary so a new single FE is being released today, along with the ambassador class ship and a new klingon one.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission
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01-31-2013, 04:15 AM
Thanks for the heads up, looks like there' plenty to do

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