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# 1 VA Refits and Fleet Ships
01-31-2013, 04:39 AM
I was thinking about this last night, Cryptic have got so many of the classifications of vessels wrong such as the Intrepid being classed as a "Science Vessel" when primarily it was a "light cruiser/Interceptor" and the Steamrunner being put as an "Escort" when essentially, it is a "Light Cruiser" as well.

So why can't Cryptic just make all VA Refits and Fleet Vessels, available with ALL Universal Console slots on both the FED and KDF side, this would give people the advantage to fly their favorite ship and equip it HOW THEY WANT. Vessels would still have the same console slots and base stats but it would add more variety to game and give the players an advantage to fly the vessels that they want without worrying about the division between Science vessels, Cruisers and Escorts?

Since everyone has a favorite class of ship.

What do people think?

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