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In this game we can, very painfully, make macros.

However, these macros are quite limited and they only function with power tray abilities.

I would like to suggest a new kind of power tray ability. One that is customizable by the player.

I take 'inspiration' for this from the old Final Fantasy XI macro system.

You have a limited amount of 'lines' in which you can make your macro with. Each line is a command. Limited lines prevents a single macro from performing bot-behavior. One macro cannot call another macro.

For STO I think a 7-line macro would be more than plenty. For STO, each character should have a max of 6 such macros allowed.

In STO these macros would be created by the player and they would be 'saved' into a power tray ability that can then be clicked upon in the game.

For example:

Bird of Prey captains could make a macro that:

Sets ship speed to max (not full impulse)
changes power levels to high weapon power
changes power levels to high engine power
activates attack pattern Omega
activates emg power to weapons
activates cannon rapid fire
activates tachyon beam

for his attack run. One click triggers this in sequence, each line being processed every 0.25 seconds.

There are of course many combinations possible. I know this is 100% do-able since almost every command in the game has a text command that triggers it (its how you do the macros manually).

The difference is this would disable the manual macros (and would remove so many exploits people use with them) and put them in game in a controlled, easy to use system.

The fun thing is, a captain could even program flight patterns with this. There is a command for turn left/right/up/down and speed settings so if you ever wanted to have a true 'evasive maneuvers' you could program it to do a 7-point series of turns... if the devs kindly add a line command modifier per command that allows the player to add time in seconds for the system to wait before activating the next line in the macro.

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