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# 1 login problem / ip
02-28-2013, 06:21 AM

When I tried loging into the game this morning I got the "too many attempts, please try again later" from the first time. I'm sure I put my password correctly the first time. I tried again, with the same message. I then changed my password and tried again with no success. I made a new account on perfectworld and I get the same error when I try to get into the game.

At this point I submitted a ticket (I can login tot the website with no problem) but after reading the forums I realize probably nobody will read/respond to the ticket because I heard support is bad with cyrptic/perfectworld

One more important thing. I tried connecting my computer via the 3G phone (so I got a new ip from the phone) and I was able to enter the game !! So the culprit is my normal cable IP address, but why ? I'm sure I didn't do nothing wrong, I also have an antivirus ruining so a virus/trojan shouldn't be the problem.

So now my question is: how long does an IP gets "banned" or something ? Hours, days ? How can I get it unbanned ? Are cryptic/pw guys reading/helping with these threads ?
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02-28-2013, 06:35 AM
I would first call up your ISP to see if there have been any kinda change to your account with out knowing about it some ISPs can be very sneaky.

I do not think STO Bans accounts unless you have done some thing wrong.
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# 3
02-28-2013, 06:38 AM
From what I see they didn't blocked my account, just my IP. Or maybe an entire range of IP-s, I don't know...
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# 4
02-28-2013, 06:40 AM
Do you have a modem / phone there should be a reset button on the back try to hold it for 10sec.
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# 5
02-28-2013, 07:16 AM
Resetting the modem didn't helped, already tried that. What I did now is change my ip by forcing my network card to a new MAC. So my ISP thinks is a new card/computer and assigned a new IP.

But now I cannot check if this solution is working because the STO server is down for maintenance...just my luck.

update: this trick with ip changed worked (or they fixed something with the patch, I don't know). For someone having the same problem, change your Mac adress of the adapter with a program like TMAC and then restart the computer/modem, you should have a new ip after that.

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