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i am kind of glad they did something about the farming issue. so now i can't farm for ec toi save up to pay 88millon for a ship box now. isn't that price farming in it's own right, with out farming how would u get that much money, o yah multiple characters well thats farming 2 so nerf that MAKE IT SO U CAN"T TRANSFER MONEY< ITEMS<AND DILITHUM , then maybe i wouldn't have to spend 88 mill for something on the exchange, and u should nerf the exchange 2 if something is worth 20000 in the decription then the most u should be able to sell it for is 30000 50% more then it's worth, and the big thing ships bind them to charcater
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01-31-2013, 10:28 PM
Actually, Cryptic hasn't really done much to make its "unpaid content editors" happy.

The fact is, people who just want to farm resources as fast as possible shouldn't be being channeled into the Foundry at all. The only reason you're playing the grind missions is because you get fleet marks and other rewards faster than doing other content. It's not because you think the grind missions are so amazing, or you'd have been playing them before when there were few if any rewards. If tomorrow the rewards for running something in Tau Dewa were better than the Foundry, the interest in these missions would dry up overnight.

The actual truth is that the Foundry isn't for what you're using it for. It's actually nothing but a failure of the incentive structure of the Foundry that has resulted in it being flooded by people who want to do nothing but grind.

You guys may be right that only a small portion of the STO player base is actually interested in stories, but they are the ones who should be coming to the Foundry. Right now, those who want stories have trouble even finding them because people have discovered that the Foundry is an efficient tool for grinding marks.
If the Foundry is supposed to be about making stories, and that is what Cryptic claimed, then it needs to cater to authors who do that, and players who want to play stories. If it's just going to be about being exploited or used in a way to gather resources faster than other game methods, then they might as well just pull the plug on the whole thing.

Either way, this is going to have to be sorted out in STO soon, or it's going to end up being the case in NW as well. Somehow I don't imagine the Foundry was envisioned in NW as being a way for people to slaughter 25 goblin groups as fast as possible. They're putting a lot of effort into the features for it to only be used for such limited purposes.

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01-31-2013, 10:32 PM
There's something familiar about all of this entitled nerdrage... Hmmm. What is it?

Bah! Thinking is hard! I wish I had a convenient console on a wall somewhere that I could click on to do all of the work for me.
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01-31-2013, 10:32 PM
And on the topic of the grind based game play, I think it's terrible. I'm not sure why anyone even bothers with it. So, you definitely have my sympathies, but turning the Foundry into a non-stop grind session is not going to fix that aspect of the game.

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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
I think it's a shame that we lost the functionality entirely. I hope that there will be some thought put into how the feature could be put back in.

As far as your problem, you could try using a reskinned targ or mugato ensigns group as your "civilians" and set them to timid. They'll try to fight back when you attack them, but it will be pretty ineffective and they'll go down fast.
Doesn't fix my problem of not being able to shoot a bunch of unmanned ships in drydock, however. Guess I'll make the ships a really weak mob and hope to hell the player kills it quick. I'll put a small interference effect on the ship so that it won't have shields.

Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
"Stoopid cops keep arresting me when I drive drunk cuz of whiners!"

Yeah I'm not sure how these people can't see that they're complaining because they can't easily exploit the foundry again. "I'm going to boycott the foundry because I can't easily exploit it"....and?

Anyway, hopefully this is just a temporary fix to the exploit until a better one can be devised.

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01-31-2013, 10:33 PM
Meh. To hell with em. Foundry is useless now. Just convert dilith into zen, buy keys, sell em on the exchange. Or if you got real $$ to toss, there are dozens of websites around that you can buy EC per dollar a bit cheaper than Zen > Keys per dollar.
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01-31-2013, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by mike1027
*snipped for sanity*
Translation: "You nerfed Foundry missions! Set price limits on the Exchange to a couple thousand K to make up for it!"

...really? :l
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01-31-2013, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
We'll be watching for feedback about this change. In the end, players shouldn't expect to get "epic loots" from enemies that are not a challenge -- that just doesn't fit in with the spirit of the game.

However! One of the Foundry authors who follows me on Twitter sparked an interesting conversation about how this change will allow players to create a Borg mission where the Borg don't attack you until they feel they are threatened. I can think of a couple missions I've played where this could fit in quite nicely.


Brandon =/\=
This change has just killed the STF Simulator/Test mission project I've been working on since Season 7 launched.

In the mission, I've had to use the 'timid creature' behaviour on enemy NPC groups to simulate generators/transformers/gates, because in an actual STF these items do not fight back and need destroying using the players weapons (in an ideal situation I'd have used destructible objects, but they're not in the foundry?).

There are many other mission/story scenarios I can imagine where we need NPCs that can be destroyed using player weapons that don't fight back. Should killing those pacifist NPCs drop loot? No, but the option needs to be there.

To be honest we need a range of behaviours that cover aggressive, neutral and pacifist that can be applied to NPC contacts and groups.

We also, desperately need destructible objects! In space and on ground, with a range of healths, or an author definable one.

Lastly, invisible targetable objects wouldn't go amiss. One scenario where these would come in handy is for firing warning shots, or shot where the player is meant to miss.

I want to be a foundry user, both as a player and author. I have so many ideas for missions I want to make, but when I go into the editor, 99% of the time I leave frustrated, because the assets/resources/tools I need to bring my missions to life are not there.

The few missions I was making progress on all involved the timid creature behaviour in some way, and now I'm back at square one
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Reading this thread I just quickly logged back in and gave Battleship Royale Rumble a go. Absolutely nothing has changed in this mission, and for 16 minutes of enjoyable blow stuff up (that fights back) action I received:

960 Dilithium
60 Fleet Marks (includes Fleet Mark Bonus Pool)
3600 Expertise
350,000 EC worth of dropped loot.

So... why all the complaining? Even sorting the loot out before selling it I still had 10 minutes to burn before the cooldown was done. So I should be easily able to run three toons through this an hour for

2880dil / 180 FM / 10800 EXP / 1,050,000 EC

Is this not enough?

How much is enough to stop this incessant whining?

At this rate there is going to be a severe cheese shortage.
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