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We had this discussion several months ago. But still nothing has happened. So I start a new thread.

The problem was that when you buy a bridge, sometimes there is a technical schematic of a specific ship on that bridge, e.g. Defiant class. You may want to use the bridge for another ship. But seeing the Defiant schematic on a Sabre just does not feel right. I think the Galaxy bridge actually has the Akira schematic on it! Buying a bridge is basically to make your experience more authentic, otherwise it's useless. But the wrong schematic destroys the entire look.

In the older thread, Cryptic maintains it would be tooooooooo difficult to create a dynamic texture that can adapt to a specific ship. So I once again propose two options.

1) Why not simply create the same bridge again just without the ship schematic visuals. When you buy the Warship bridge pack you would simply get 6 bridges instead of 3. Can't be that hard. Then I could use the bridges without ship schematics on other ships and not feel bad about buying the bridge pack.

2) Option to give up the "ownership license" of the bridge meaning never able to use the bridge again unless I pay for it 2nd time. In return I get a small refund, e.g. 1% of previous ZEN costs or dillithium or EC.

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A Dynamic texture sure, but they could just copy the ready room's trophy stuff and made a schematic part of that.

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