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01-31-2013, 08:21 PM
ok so after the little tunnles i exit into the control room things become laggy extreamly laggy then i go super slow mode and i hear the game music in background with crackling noise then it just kinda freezes the game up i gave up and closed game it was going so slow this has happened a few times on the same room i can run out of the room after doing the controls ect and all is fine walking to the ship i can even go back into the tunnel all fine no lag nothing wrong with sound no issues at all then back to that one room and then hi again to lag noise ect i'm thinking this could be on my end but i can easily do many missions content such as well newest content is helping romulans which all works fine no noise no issues no epic lag
has anyone else experenced this? is it with the game or mission?
update i was using miniunm ingame graphics turned up to low seems to fixed the issue with that room (i use miniunm most the time higher when i wanna see things more pretty)

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