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02-01-2013, 04:33 AM
Originally Posted by girlfriendoftree View Post
I think your tin foil hat is a wee bit tiny, its hurting your critical thinking skills (assuming you had them in the first place)
Oh, bravo. Great first post. I imagine hundreds of people will be lining up to listen to your profound insight into things.
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02-01-2013, 04:42 AM
I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons Online since 2006, and Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter is looming closer. Given this fact, and the differences between these MMOs, I would say another concurrent Star Trek based MMO would likewise be Star Trek, yet very unlike STO.

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02-01-2013, 05:49 AM
I would be very sad to loose my characters and all time and effort I have put into them.

I do like the idea of continuing this Trek adventure in a better engine than the current one,.. but I hope it can be something that you can transferred somehow,...
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02-01-2013, 06:04 AM
All good things...
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

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02-01-2013, 06:04 AM
With luck, it will be given to a new development team and publisher, who would give the IP the justice it deserves.

I would have no issues with this game staying on and people who have invested time and money into this game being allowed to still play, however that would probably only happen if PW made STO 2, so you would have a situation like Eq 1 and 2.

If not, it would more than likely spell the end of this rubbish, which I would also have no issues with, even if you have spent time and money on it, as you don't own this game like a single player game and any MMo can closed own at any time. Bad luck is all.

The question though would be what would "you" like STO 2 to be. This game but with more content and more factions? If so, then they might as well not make one and just make more content and more factions and not just dil sinks or grinds . Nah, Not me. Not STO with a few more bells and whistles.

I'm still not sure what I would want from an STO 2 I just know I don't want it to be anything like STO, but I do know I would want the chance to talk first and not Pew Pew everything...
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Will another company make another online Star Trek game? Eventually...

But for Cryptic, it seems that it makes significantly more sense to continue developing STO, rather than make a 2'nd game.

Right now they have old and new customers, who play this game and have earnings that they don't want to loose, and as such would not switch to "STO2" if it was made by Cryptic

In short: I don't see this happening ever.
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Look at WoW, they've managed to implement new DX11 rendering API, however, it is still hampered by its texture support and quality and overall polygon count. Still, I think the Cryptic engine this game is running on is way more flexible than the WoW engine was, so in time, I think they could implement new DX11 specific features and affects. This game already has a Beta DX11 rendering API, it just needs the assets behind it to fully take advantage of all the special rendering effects supported under DX11. In other words, there is room to grow, a lot of room to grow, and if they have the resources for it, just like we saw in WoW, things will evolve in this engine as well.
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02-01-2013, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda View Post
What happens if one day STO 2 comes out? Will I lose everything or could there be perks for my new character in the new game depending on the progression of my old STO 1 character?
It was difficult enough to get this one released, much less a sequel. I'm not saying it's impossible of course, but it is extremely unlikely in today's economic climate. Just look how many games failed between 2011 and 2012, either before or after release.

My guess is that STO will soldier on in various forms, until it's financially or technologically unfeasable for them to continue with it.

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