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Originally Posted by gr4v1t4r View Post
Like I said ... change that.
Don't assume I'm quite that bias, it's insulting. Yes, I chopped down the quote, sorry. More was not required to show who or what I was replying to.


I love playing support. I'm very very annoyed I have to fight uphill battle to just to break even. The gap is not small enough wink and a nod make everything sun shiny for me.

I'm trying to still be polite and aloof, but it get harder by the day. Don't mistake me for being less then very angry. I just choose to chain that anger, be meek, find a diplomatic solution. Please stop telling me I should look at a uphill battle as a opportunity, or how it's merely a mater of skill. That answer was not lost, or misread. It was refused. I have just up until now chosen not to bite someone's hand off for taking the time and trying to be helpful.

I'm coming off my 101th PvP battle of making a escort team work for their win, and being told "it was a good game". I can tank. I can support. It's just a negative to zero sum equation.

I do mean in fact it is a negative to zero sum equation. I don't mean "Gee, I don't want have to tank", or "Woo is me! My ship isn't king, so I'm not having fun". I mean it is a negative to zero sum equation. It is a battle that can only stalemate, or be lost.

Doing something not to lose, is not the same as doing something to win. In this case the difference is more agitating by the day.


To the devs, or mod, or whatever can pass it up the chain to get a proper answer:

What would I have to empirically show to get the playing field leveled, or given a useful role?

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Escorts: DPS and not die by flying at full speed and knowing when to run away.

Science vessels: DPS and not die by cc-ing.

Cruisers: DPS and not die by tanking.

Problem is, any one can just park 3km under the gate and dps without retaliation. This means whoever does the most dps destroys the gate the fastest. And the build that does so with the simplest use of brain is one with DHCs and turrets.

But DHCs are NOT king. Since there will be idiots, trolls, non-cooperative players and/or staunch RPers, even DHC dps is almost never enough.

I find that to reliably succeed in STFs, I need a ship with crazy mobility granted by high turn, very high inertia rating, hyperpulse engines, more power to engines, engine batteries and Evasive, great situation awareness to know when someone is about to fail (then rush to his spot and take out a probe), and the dps to solo the STF. And that dps can only come from fully speccing into Projectile Weapon Spec, 4-5 TCD consoles, tricomines and DPB3 allowing you to 1-3 shot the structures involved in optionals.

Where does that leave us? Yup, a 5-console escort craft with trics. No other ship can reliably finish an STF. Because in a PUG with poorly designed queuing systems, you can only rely on yourself.

PVP is just Zombie Cruisers Online with the occasional Decloak Tricobomb Alpha Strike because everything else just bounces off the shield healing. :p
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
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To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.

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I've a question for you Khayuug.

Does the fact that you can even expect do it all alone seem odd to you?
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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
- in fact, since any fool can put DHCs on an Escort and be 'uber', more often than not I find it's the Cruiser/Sci ship players that are exceptional.
As a cruiser driver I +1 this statement.

Originally Posted by foxrockssocks View Post
I hate taking escorts into ESTFs. Why? My DPS as an escort is severely limited in an ESTF. I cannot stay on target for long, because yes all that damage gets aggro, which then means I have to break off or die. Either way my DPS drops so low that someone else eventually overtakes my damage and gets aggro, and only at that time can I come back to seriously fight.
Cause there are no tanks to draw that aggro. I tried maxing out the Threat on my Cruiser, but all it did was get me killed faster, since no one helps on the heals. STO seems to work best when everyone draws aggro for a bit, then it switches to a new target.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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I have a very hard to kill tank cruiser that can draw aggro (more when I get those tasty +threat consoles) and make sure the only person being fired upon is me!

So what happens in a pug elite STF? I usually end up with 2 poorly made cruisers that couldn't shoot their way out of a wet paper bag, an escort that thinks it's a healer beamboat and a science ship that shoots gravity wells at single targets and uses fire at will on it's 6 beam broadside.

You know this is the norm because whenever you meet anyone good at elites they start shouting how good it is to finally be with people that know what they're doing.

In this case my non-escort keeps the team alive through heals and drawing aggro.
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There is little to no role for a badly designed ship, fragile escorts are pointless, low damage cruisers are pointless. Pure science ships have really no use in the game right now, though a good healer is valuable, just not reliable.

Build a cruiser that can do something or stop complaining.
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A non escort role is to spec for dps, and pretend you are flying an escort.
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A non escort role is to go to the exchange and buy a mirror escort

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