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  • Updated the Jem'Hadar Space Set Mk XII:
    • Dominion Synergy, 2 Piece Bonus: Increased Polaron and Power Insulators bonus by 50%.
    • Antiproton Sweep, 3 Piece Bonus: Now disables cloaks for longer, drains more shields, and recharges faster.
  • The Tholian Fire-at-Will Subsystem Offline proc will now last the proper duration.
    • It should be shorter in almost all circumstances.
  • Increased the turn rate on the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier from 12 to 13.
  • The Borg can now adapt to Plasma Fire applied by Plasma procs and Plasma grenades.
  • The price of the Current Lock Box on the Dilithium Store has been reduced from 200 Dilithium each, to 10 Dilithium each.
    • They must now be purchased 20 at a time.


  • Some Romulan Foundry contacts had the same name as one another; resolved this.
  • Added space Dominion NPC groups.
  • Added space Cardassian NPC groups.
  • Replaced a missing Romulan statue.
    • Projects that were affected should now republish properly.
  • Foundry NPC Groups set to Timid creature will now fight back when they take damage.

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Known Issue:

  • Currently assigned Bridge Officers will be removed from their stations on the player's main starship upon completing the mission "Temporal Ambassador".
    • Players will have to re-assign Bridge Officers to their stations.

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