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I need to know if any other players who have purchased the Mercenary Costume set are experiencing issues with the tailor not listing it as a costume option, or trying to replace it with a standard costume?

Backstory on the query:

I purchased the Mercenary Costume for my Star Fleet alts when the outfit first published. It worked as expected and was always available at the Tailor Shop as a costume option, until the F2P patch.

Since that time, it simply will not display as a costume option at any Tailor in the game. Even worse, when trying to Modify the colors of the Mercenary Costume on my toons which are wearing it, the game tries to strip them of the Mercenary Costume set altogether; forcing me to cancel the changes and exit the tailor.

Needless to say, I am not modifying the wardrobe of the toons currently wearing the Mercenary Costume. I have been submitting in-game support tickets about this for some time, but receive no answers, or assistance. The C-Store still shows that I purchased the Mercenary Costume set. The game client, however, wants to be a Ferengi and continues to insist my premium costume set does not exist, or was not unlocked.
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08-29-2013, 12:55 PM
yes, Ive been experiencing this for a while, have you figured out a fix or workaround? I put in a ticket, but that means about jack crap lol

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