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# 1 My Feedback
02-01-2013, 08:17 AM
Before i start i am aware that some people will just not agree. We all have different playing style , different approaches to the game . Some play a couple hours a week , others most of their day , we all are different.

1) Foundry Changes - Loot drops
This mission took about 30mins , and you normally got about 500k per "run" plus your fleet marks and dilithium.

I used to enjoy the fact you could make EC once every 24hours . I used the missions to allow me to a least buy one key per day. - This has now gone , but why ? , Is the realitiy that they want a player to spend hard earned cash into the game to open these lock boxes ... -
Answer more than likely .

Was it really that bad that i bought one key per day ?

Why can we not have more missions to earn EC , ( i know theres tour the universe ) but catching that everyday can be difficult. Why don't we win EC for Dabo.
I personally think they don't like players earning EC - they don't sell it, with all the binding of recent items.

2) Lock Boxes

My problem with this is , I have opened 275 Lock boxes so far and i can safely say the content has been worth about 10mil EC , those 275 keys have been purchased using "real" Money $343.00 for $10 worth of kit - Never won a ship. - I know this is gambling i understand how gambling works - however there are better odds of winning in a pub slot machine in Swindon - is this because that form of gambling is regulated ?
The Odds and rewards are just too low , I understand the reason they wish to limit the number of ships ( CBS rules i think ) but why can we not win middle of the road prizes ?

3) Lifers and long term players - I know am going to get hated after this .
I understand you have put your time and money already into the game , alot of you played when it was a subscription service - the reality is it didn't work - if it worked , i wouldn't be able to play for free.

You guys have already bought most things in the C Store that you want .So I don't think you understand a new player when they see the store/lockboxes/exchange equip,

So my gripe , time and time again i see you jump on the back's of new players in this forum about that farming is wrong you shouldn't be able to farm farming is cheating etc.
But its difficult to get decent loot as i can never get first or second place in the daily's because you have better ships , best equipment , and you can sell for $$$ on the exchange to pay to open lock boxes from keys paid for new players desperate to get enough EC to matter in the game . - I understand that's how the game works.

The realitiy is that I along with alot of players don't have lots of money to put into this game and so i should be allowed to farm if need be , not expolit but if i am going to put the hours in , i should be rewarded the same as someone who throw's $20 at the game for 10mins work .- That is what makes a game sucessful i had just managed to save 5000 for the vesta's pack , on one account at 8k at the "154 price it was " took nearly 100 days and that refining the limit everyday - thats not without money for consoles or weapons.
So i think the dev teams should think about not new players and long term players but middle of the road players , players who put the time in but don't have much money .

ok ive finished griping , i don't think i have managed to explain myself that well , all im trying to say , was that in the game there were items that were "in reach" that i could with some hard work obtain , now it seems with every new release , all the new equip , all the new box kit , is out of reach for a player like me , that logs on for about 5 hours every day .....

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