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# 1 Vor'cha R Build
02-01-2013, 09:02 PM
Hello everyone! Today I am here to share one of my Vor'cha R builds. Note this build is not the best. I made this build mainly for support/tanking, so don't expect to fight escort 1 on 1. This is more of a team player cruiser build, I hope you like it!
Fore:Beam Arrayx4
Aft:Beam Arrayx4
Engi: Neutronium Alloyx2, SIF Generatorx2
Sci:Emitter Array, (Anything you want, I use Borg console)
Tac:Weapon energy dmg+ consolex3
Note: Only use one type of energy, and use the energy types Tactical console to give it more damage.

Shields: (Up to you, but I prefer a Covarient shield, I am currently using a Adv. Fleet Covarient Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x3 [ResA])
Impulse Engine: (Again, up to you, I use a Borg Impulse Engine)
Deflector: (Up to you, I use a Borg Deflector Dish)

Bridge Officers:
Tac:TT1, APD1
Engi:EPtS1, RSP1, AtS2, EWP2
Engi:EPtS1, ET1, ES2
Sci:TSS1, HE2

This build is a pretty good one. It has enough heals to keep you alive from focus fire, and it has heals that can help your team mate too. I am a Tactical cap, so this build might work better for me, then if you were a Engi or Sci.
When using this build, you want to be either being the one in the front line being focused fired on, or behide the lines healing your team and sniping those enemies. You have alot of heals in this ship, meaning you can take quite a bit of damage before you go down. And if you have a team giving you heals too, you're pretty much invincible. But remember you have your limits, so you can't take on the whole enemy team by your self.
EWP:EWP is your net as a fisher, it catches and keeps the target still. Letting you have a clear shot on a still target. EWP puts your enemies in big trouble and makes your guns hurt more.
EPtS:This is what keeps you alive, this is your armor. You ALWAYS want to be using this ability no matter what during combat. The only time you don't use this ability is when you're not under attack (No one is shooting you). 2 EPtS should be able to let you cycle through them at a steady pace. The best thing about this ability is it's resistance buff. It reduces damage on your shields by a whopping 20%.
ES:This is more of a reaching out ability to help your buddies in dire need. Becareful on who you use it on. Don't use it on somone because their shields are low, use it on someone who is being focused fire on (in most cases). Remember, you can't use this ability on your self, so use it whenever possible to help your team mates.
AtS:This is like the thickening under your armor. It puts a resistance on your hull and healing it at the same time. Use this just like EPtS, use it whenever in combat. But keep in mind you can use this ability on your friends.
RSP:This is your hack basically, making you invincible from shield damage for a few seconds. You should only use this ability when you shields are low and have no heals left.
ET:This is almost just like AtS, just more cool down, and more per use. Again, use it whenever possible on you or your buddies. If you have both this and AtS ready to use, always use AtS first, I'll tell you why later.
TT:This is kinda like RSP, your hack. It tries to basically fill any shield you're taking damage from full. And when I said always use AtS first, it's because ET puts a cool down on this too. Good to use this when escorts are on you.
TES:This is kinda like EWP, it's your net.
APD:This is in a way like AtS with more resist, but no heal. This is good to use when your hull or a friends hull is getting hit hard.
HE:Use it like ES, but use it more carefully. Pick the one that you think will need it. Also when in need, use it on yourself. Also remember to use this to help you or your buddies out of plasma fire and such.
TSS:Like EPtS with more heal, but less resist.

Try to get as many evasive maneuvers cooldown reducting doffs as you can, then after that get what you want.

I hope you liked this build! Please report to me any typos, errors. And advice is always welcomed!


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# 2
02-01-2013, 09:20 PM
Might get more tanking use out of FAW1 over Target Engines 1, popping it off to basically say 'hey dummies, ignore everyone else and shoot MEEEEEEEE.' Also good for spam clearing like mines and high-yield torps.

Also 8 beams with no power-mitigation abilities? 8 beams is possible with the right setup, but with no engineer captain, no emergency to weapons power, no aux to bat, and no plasmonic leech, the drain must be crushing. Might get more punch out of 6 beam arrays, then throw on the Kinetic Cutting Beam to get the 2-piece bonus. Throw on a torp up front (maybe the Omega torp to swing in, drop the 5 shots, then go back to broadsiding) or a DBB, call it good?

Lastly, purple Damage Control Engineers can be a 'cheap' substitute for aux2bat setups, without the complications of no aux power or using up boff slots, and they can be replicated (Emergency Engineering Hologram). Instead of ET2 plus dual EPTS1, maybe EPTS2, EPTW1, and ET1, then put on a pair of DCE doffs. You'll get 4 tries to proc every 30 seconds, and only need 1 success to drop back to the global to have both Emergency abilities up all the time, giving you both the buffed shields and a little control over all that drain.

Still, looks like it'd be easy enough to set up and use, and would work well in ESTFs and the like. Cool.

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