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Cryptic, when are you going to introduce an Aegis Ground set

Its about high time

Like the Aegis Space set it should not have an on use-ability to compensate for the fact that its a easily obtainable.

And its unlocked clothing should have the Aegis soft light-blue lights around its armor like the space set

The Weapon, Personal Shield, and Armor I leave up to you fellow captains to provide realistic, adequate, and feasable stats abilities. Ideally it should be close to and/or on par with the Omega/MACO but not above it.
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02-01-2013, 06:58 PM
As a former City of Heroes player, I'd love to see craftable equipment in the vein of the IO system. Granted, the peculiarities of COH's gameplay won't necessarily transfer over, but I'd love to see the attempt.

What might work?

Have craftable equipment (kits, armor, weapons, shields, etc) that start off with low stats and slots for improvements/enhancements. Gear quality/rarity will affect base stats and/or number of slots. These could be craftable, drops, etc.

Each enhancement put into the equipment ups its stats, with some enhancements being parts of sets, some having higher than normal bonuses but aren't part of sets, some offering procs/abilities, etc. Sets should vary between being per-item as well as being overall, maybe with a few being both. Why this variety? To encourage a diversity in slotting, rather than there being a clear cut, single "optimal" way to do so.

That said, there should be some form of diminishing returns so things don't get out of hand. One should always assume that players will find ways to make themselves grossly overpowered, thus soft/hard caps on bonuses should be present. Granted, I'd start low, since its easier/less painful to buff than it is to nerf. Also, the other consideration is that by crafting, you get to really customize everything to your playstyle, so you're trading power for versatility/flexibility.

It would be a very useful broadening of what players can do. Star Wars Galaxies was a crafter's paradise before NGE, or so I'm told, so I'd love to see STO pick that title up. If you got good enough, you could even get a reputation for it! That said, I really do hope that its made into a game in and of itself, not just "select recipe, press craft, wait, hope for success."
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02-01-2013, 07:24 PM
While I would like to see a high end MK XII craft able ground set, be careful what you ask for. In another Cryptic franchise they complained about the crafting system and got a mod grind that isn't crafting that's much much worse. The last thing STO needs is more grind. Grind out the Rep and Omega systems, then get the MK XII pieces. I am sure there will be yet more rep project type grinds to add to our pleasure next season.
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