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# 1 Missing Lobi Crystals
02-01-2013, 08:28 PM
Has anyone else noticed lobi crystals from boxes (in my case, Dominion) you've opened just disappeared? I opened some six days ago when the boxes first started dropping, switched toons to get more boxes, and came back (there's only one toon I'm opening on, since they're bound to character, so they aren't on a different toon), and the ones I had just opened were gone. I still had my previous stash in the bank, and a few more I've gotten since have stuck around (I had a stack of 10 master keys, so I wanted to finish using them up).

I've checked bank and inventory, and I have no overflow bag. I reported a bug right away, but those don't get a response (as I've been told by the GM when I decided to contact them). The thing is, I know they're busy, but I've just been getting the run around from the GM. They tell me to report the bug, since it's an unknown bug, but that I won't get a response. Well, that's great, but I want my lobi crystals back. I used zen to get the keys to open the boxes, so I'd like those items not to just disappear. I had actually been considering spending real money to buy zen for the keys, but why would I want to do that if what I get from the boxes are just going to disappear?

So I guess my other question is--does anyone know who to contact to actually get missing items back? Because it sounds like the GMs can't do anything, and the QA folks aren't going to respond to me . . . so whom does that leave?? Or is this just typical practice?
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# 2
02-11-2013, 11:29 PM
Edited: Log-out and log-in appears to have fixed it. Sheesh, that was a heart-stopper.

Did you get any help with your problem?

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