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Kudos to Cryptic and all (voice) actors involved in the new mission "Temporal Ambassador". Great work - for the MOST part!!!

T'Nae's voice quality was below average - at least parts of her dialogue sound like they've been recorded with a cheap microphone. It's also unfortunate that Lani Minella from "Cloaked Intentions" wasn't able to reprise her role - at least it sounds not like her :p

Compare the quality yourself:
*... in "The Vault"
*... in "Temporal Ambassador"

It is still odd to hear those characters, e.g. Franklin Drake, T'Nae and B'Vat, with those cool voice overs, but without them in most other missions they're involved in. Does the Dev team plan to go back to these missions (e.g., the Spectres-series and most of the Romulan Front) and add those missing voice overs?
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