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# 1 Seeking A Fleet
02-02-2013, 02:03 PM
Greetings and Salutations!

As a returning player I have to admit I think I am enjoying STO better than I did first time I played it around the 2nd Anniversary events. Taking a break for about a year now, I thought I come back to give it another try. Sadly the Fleet I was in is long but gone, me being the last remaining member thus I disbanded it for good. What I enjoyed in the Fleet was it was a casual RP group of no more than 20 or so members, created by friends. I am hoping to find another home for my character, currently a lv 24 Tactical Officer mainly flying cruiser type ships. What I like to find hopefully is a small group, either old or new, and give aid to those to my new found family. I am a casual player who is on daily unless stated otherwise, I enjoy helping others even though my knowledge about this game or the ST universe is limited, and a experienced role player. I have skimmed through the various recruitment threads and all seem very interesting but is not easy to choose. If interested in a somewhat of a new player, send me a message or PM me ingame: Steisi@drgmstr. I am willing to go through an interview if one is required to join the fleet and to get to know the player better.

May the winds be at your back captains!

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# 2 2nd fleet
02-02-2013, 02:19 PM

check out the fleet that I recruit for. I will send you a message in-game via email also.

look forward to hearing from you.
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# 3
02-02-2013, 03:12 PM
Welcome back to the game, Steisi. I would like to invite you to visit the website and wiki of the Alpha Centuari Institute. We are small fleet of 20 or so members with a long history of friendly, mature play in-game. We are an RP fleet with activities ranging from casual RP to full-blown "episodes" and storylines among our many players and characters, but we also spend time just playing the game or chatting and everyone is always willing to help each other.

I hope you will visit us on the forums or reach out to any members you see in-game. You can PM me directly @WereWolf359.
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I must admit, your write-up was extremely pleasant to read. It almost seems that you would be a perfect fit into our little family. Our fleet would be considered the new kids on the block in terms of RP fleets. It has just undergone some renovations, and we are opening up and looking to expand. No demands of time, so we can accommodate casual and hardcore RPers. We have a basic storyline that is looking to be built upon by players, and if you are interested in being a part of our RP lore, now is the chance.

Check out our forum post here to look over some more details if anything I said is of interest to you. Also, feel free to leave a message for me here, or you can contact either myself at Locke@ubermatten, or my Executive Officer at Trent@kpts4tv.

Cheers, and good hunting!
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# 6
02-04-2013, 10:08 AM
If you are over the age of 30 you may think about teh TOS Veterans fleet.

Check out our recruiting forum for more information or visit our website at TOSFLEET.COM.

We also have a very active Klingon fleet called the TOS Qan Mang.
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# 7
02-04-2013, 10:37 AM

I?m Kraven with a fleet to be named, we have a very active member base and are very casual. We offer a T2 Embassy, T3 Starbase and T4 Ship yard.

We offer something that many fleets don't, a system called fleet support points, members will be awarded F.S.P. for attending scheduled events, player performance and completion of assigned missions. Negative F.S.P will be used as a deterrent to unacceptable behavior or dishonorable actions.

Fleet Support Point Rewards

Fleet support points will be awarded to members who sign up for flights, perform well and complete Squad missions.

Per flight sign up=200fsp
Attendance bonus(5 flights in a row)=500fsp
Performance bonus=100fsp
Squadron missions=1000fsp

FSP Rewards
Blue MkXI
Blue gear(def or shlds)=500fsp
Blue console=1500fsp
Blue weapon=2000fsp

Purple MkXII
Purple gear=5000fsp
Purple console=10000fsp
Purple weapon=50000fsp

bear in mind that not all consoles and weapons will be available but if possible can be procured.

We provide training and feedback to members who seek to improve their skills in both Pvp and Pve content, instruct members on balance and values in PvP environments and proper tactics to make PvE content more enjoyable and prosperous.

Being a supporting member of an active fleet is the best advice I can give in this game.
we know how hard it can be to grind and or afford great gear so let us help you. Are members are friendly and ready to answer any questions. Let our members teach you how to make energy credits, fleet/reputation marks and dilithium quickly and efficiently.

Good luck and have fun out there

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# 8
02-04-2013, 04:10 PM
Hey, Did you find a good home yet?
If not you might check out {UFP} (UFPlanets.com), The fleet has been around longer than STO and shows no signs of stopping, so if you need to take a break from STO again, we'll be here when you return. I can't say we're small, in fact we have so many members we need two Fed fleets to keep them all along with having a KDF fleet, but we are friendly, and many of our members can be very helpful in answering questions and giving help to others. We'd be happy to have another person willing to help out, and have no problem at all with casual players; the only requirement we have is just popping in once and a while and saying you're still around, but there's fleet positions for people who want to help the fleet out in a more official capacity.
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02-04-2013, 04:41 PM
if you havent forund a fleet hit me up were play you can see if your a good fit with us.


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02-04-2013, 10:52 PM
Thank you all for the replies! Sadly the fun people at the 5th Special Operations Division sparked my interest more and sorry for those who already PMed me and the recruitment errors I brought upon. Each and every one of you looked so promising to join but the 5th were the lucky ones.

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