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Originally Posted by glennheston View Post
How do you pass items from one of your characters to another? I have a few things I'd like to give to my other characters so I can ditch the one character and start a new one.
I don't know if new accounts can do PMs, so...

If its white gear... or green, blue and purple and you haven't equipped it... you can just mail it to yourself. If it says "bound to character" you can't mail it. If it says "bound to account" you can't mail it but you can stick it in an account bank if you've bought on.

Dilithium: Put in a bid for 25 dilithium per zen. Cancel offer. Do not withdraw.

EC: Sorry. No. Buy contraband or particle traces and mail those for your new toon to sell.
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Originally Posted by adamma1701 View Post
Just curious tho, and this is not the first time I've seen it commented on. Why do people dislike the "Dilithium Claims"?
personally I love them, log on do 5 mins of work and make 3/4 of my daily refine limit.

For me, I dislike the fact that they are bound to character, not account.

As I opened my boxes with my favourite character, she has all the claims, as you point out that is 3/4 of the refining limit, with doff missions nearly filling the rest that does not leave much actual game playing till the 8k limit is reached (usually, for me, 1 elite STF).

This puts me off playing my favourite character as I dont like the idea of building up a mountain of unrefinable dilithium, nor do I feel as much satisfaction winning dilithium on STFs when I know I cant refine it.

I am always happy to get easy dil, it is just with these claims the way they are, it make me play my favourite character less.
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Originally Posted by sean2448 View Post
the Mine claims are good have 136
about same on doffs the trick as I found out is move up in fleet the higher you go the better your chances
the lock boxes are tied to fleet advancment system

as for the doffs not stupid they for star base projects
It's a psychological trick to get you to spend more money gambling, nothing more.

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