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02-03-2013, 05:46 AM
Please no I WIN Button ... it's ridiculous easy leveling Alts anyway ... i maxed out 10 just Doffing for a few weeks ... if you're just repeating Episodes it's pretty much your own fault ... if you're not gonna find DOFF System, Miror Universe etc ... you wouldn't know were to look for your Intsa-Max Token anyway

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02-03-2013, 05:51 AM
Meh... I think this is a bad idea...
My name may say "PWE member", but I will never be.
-NEVER Forget the Screwups and ignorance made towards the people who supported the game through 2011
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Quite simple really... Any game at all has one single purpose, be it MMO's or offline single player games. Their one and only purpose is to entertain, to be fun.

I would welcome a level 50 button, especially after already doing the leveling on both fed and KDF side a couple of times since there is no variety, there is no fun in repeating same old stuff over and over again.

Look at it this way: Take any handful of episodes from any given Star Trek TV series or the motion pictures for that matter. How entertaining are they after watching them a few times?
Don't know about you all, but to me they get old really fast. Especially if you were to watch them several times per day as with the STF or other "events" grinding.

I do not want to waste time grinding, farming, leveling. Star Trek is supposed to be fun and none of those things are fun. Not in the least.

More featured episodes, more storyline mission series, stay true to the actual Star Trek Franchise and remove all that is boring and repetative for it has no business in a game supposed to entertain.
I log on to have fun, I log on and hope to feel like a starship captain exploring space, not to go to "my other job" and do more of the repetative, dull, annoying stuff that most people have to put up with in RL work - or school for that matter.

If only 3 writers could accomplish several hundred episodes of the TV show in a couple of years. Surely there should be more then a handful featured episodes in STO considering it only takes a fraction as many people to code them in a computerized mini-universe compared to a filmteam and numerous actors having to be organized.

Bring back the fun and I would happily pay for the subscription just like I pay for renting movies, but I never rent same movie again and I'm getting fed up with this game lacking new and interesting things, slowly becoming nothing but a grindfest.
What's the point having good gear and starships if there is no adventures to be had with it? Star Trek was always about "Explore new worlds and go where no man has gone before..." It's been a long time since Star Trek the game felt like Star Trek the books/series/movies. This game has turned into a somewhat star trek look-a-like space combat flight simulator with the occasional "run-around-and-klick-on-stuff" here and there (New Romulus) or non-1'st person shooter (STF Ground and similar) - The Star Trek feel has vanished completely from this once great game, and with it, my interest in playing it.

With a Level 50 button, at least we could experiment with race and class combinations, but then again, a re-spec token that also allowed for class, gender and race change would suffice just as well. But the leveling! ... Why does all the MMO developers think people likes that? of all players I ever met in the 2 years here, only ONE actually said she liked leveling. The rest hates it and just want to get it over with, myself included.
STO does not even get remotely interesting until you are level 50, and even there, it's getting old quickly with all the never fixed bugs and glitches and lack of creativity.

3'rd anniversary mission was good. I bet that wasn't very difficult to make either. More of that and a LOT less grinding, then this game would be good again. Last time we saw featured episodes added was an entire year ago and the DS9 5 episodes Dominion series.
Bad ju-ju... Come on guys, you gotta come up with more than that to earn the name "Star Trek" in this games title I think...

Time for me to take another 3-4 months break from STO and with luck, maybe there will be new episodes by then... but I doubt it. Perfect World runs the show now (sadly) and they don't care about fun, only about the ZEN it seems...

Just my 5 cent on this.

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