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02-06-2013, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by trekkerreece View Post
why is it that we had a rubbish ambassador class?
Because its isnt rubbish and if you think the Ambassador is rubbish you will think the anniversary Odyssey is rubbish.

You do you think they given us the Odyssey pack for free?

Oh the Anniversary Odyssey is still available, doesnt cost Zen either ... just 200,000 Fleet Marks, the standard provision and a T5 shipyard so dont go around throwing a tantrum.
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Originally Posted by rivertam32 View Post
Hey All,

I am about to hit 50 and will be looking at getting myself a new ship. I like the look of the temporal science vessel - but am not so keen on the lottery system to attain it - or the amount of keys i would need to sell on the exchange in order to buy one from there.

So, looking at the C-Store i am contemplating 1 of 2 ships:

The Science Odyssey or the Science Vesta. I have no problem dropping 25 euro on either, but i am a little concerned about shelf life - how well do these ships fare (with decent equipment obviously) in PVP/PVE? While both appear science focused, the difference in stats indicates different play styles for both i would imagine (or at least, lending themselves to different play styles).

I am going to do some research into both, but am also posting this to gather some community feedback.

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Greetings rivertam32! Honestly I've not flown the Vesta sci, but I do use the Sci Oddy on my Engineer. It's a pretty boss healer if you ask me, but I was also one of the suckers who paid $50 bucks for the whole 3 ship package. I think if you are going to fly the Oddy the 3 pack is the best choice, and from what I know of the Vesta it's probably the same.

Along the lines of getting a new ship, it would really depend on what kind of captain you are, and what you are looking to accomplish with it. I fly a great many of the C-store ships on my characters and could probably offer you some decent advice as to which one I would suggest. Anyway post up some additional info or PM me directly and I'd be glad to give you a recommendation.

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02-06-2013, 01:12 PM
If it makes you feel slightly better, Cryptic states it is NOT releasing the Amabssador T5 version via the c-store. It maybe will become a fleet ship... but that is it.
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