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# 1 Weapons Mounts
02-04-2013, 01:58 PM
In my quest to not make my Atrox suck so much, I came up with the following ideas:

Turn rates and mass should increase a weapons firing arc. This one leaves science ships out in the cold a little which I'm not pleased about, but consider this.

1) Something like a defiant class is already a bit of a twitchy ship. So rather then making someone twitch, Have their speed linked to their weapons firing arc. Why? They do have the turn rate to twitch to one side, fire, and twitch back.

I think this a bit overpowered taking in the breath of everything else, but It does make logical sense and completes the thought.

2) Have ships that are massive have a greater innate firing arc. Because they are a massive ship ,and to have that ship be able to fire at all the odd angle it does? It has to have more weapons banks to cover all sides. If it can power weapons banks on both side equally, it should be able to power more weapons banks on a given side equally well.


Do not restrict weapons fire to fore and aft. Restrict weapons fire to the number of weapons that can be fired at once. Escort would not be able to use a massive array of weapons at once, but they could keep larger focused weapons on target easier.

Slow ship can't use narrow focus weapons as easily, but could power larger amounts of smaller weapons or quick firing weapons.


Remove the firing arc on seeking weapons entirely. Instead link their range to how far they must turn to accelerate to a target. That is if fired forward at a target forward, they can just burn all their fuel to go right for the kill.

If fired aft at a forward or to the side, they have to burn fuel breaking their inherited acceleration then turning before they can accelerate. Meaning they can't travel as far.

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# 2
02-05-2013, 09:49 AM
Hmm, this could be a great feature to give cruisers more of a niche; even a 45 degree innate firing arc would mean you'd have 315 degree beam arrays giving you access to your broadside a lot more of the time, and give you 125 degree dual beam banks which could be pretty sweet. 90 degree dual cannons on the Dreadnought Cruiser but would be a massive boon, and make the ability to have them a lot less pointless than it is right now, but at the same time even with a 90 degree arc it'd still be balanced by the struggle to keep them firing all the time.

I think it should only apply to energy weapons, but it could make a big difference to how cruisers play. I'm not sure it would leave science ships in the cold exactly, though they might be left wanting for a slight boost of their own. However, they still have their built-in subsystem targeting so they already have a pretty handy bonus when it comes to beam weapons, as it makes it much easier to get the most out of limited tactical stations.

Projectile weapons are a bit of a tricky area; I think that cruisers definitely should be in the position where they're considering mounting a fore and aft projectile, however they could really do with a way to compensate for the lack of ability to fire, such as being able to fire more torpedoes if they've waited for a while. For example, if their torpedo launcher has been reloaded for more than 15 seconds then it would automatically gain a damage bonus because more tubes are loaded. Escorts don't really need this since they can keep their torpedoes firing a lot more easily than a cruiser can.

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