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Disclaimer: this is strictly for PvE and nothing else.

After a day of "testing" i finally found a setup i was comfortable with.

Here it is:

Commander Tactical: TT1 ; CSV1 ; THY3 ; ATB3
Lieutenant Tactical: TT1 ; CSV1
Lt. Commander Engineering: EPtS1 ; AuxtB1 ; DEM2
Lieutenant Engineering: EPtW1 ; RSP1
Ensign Science: HE1
2x Technicians
1x Temporal Systems Engineer
2x Projectile Weapons Officers
Aux to Bat is used to lower the cooldown of THY, ATB, DEM, [EPtW] and HE1.
Everytime i can use DEM the Systems Engineer kicks in and give me a lesser Nadion Inversion like effect which comes down to a direct DPS boost.
The 2 Projectile Weapons Officers are needed for the Romulan Plasma Torpedo which goes great with THY3.

I have not yet gotten the Elite Scorpion Fighters, but so far this build can compete with my Fleet Defiant. Even more so in survivability.
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02-08-2013, 10:48 AM
This is almost exactly the build I am working towards as well. The 2 Very Rare Technicians hit the pocketbook pretty hard so Im not there yet, to say nothing of the purple Systems Engie. However, I have one variation that is worth mentioning, but it probably is better for an engineer captain

Fore 4X Polaron DHC
Aft 3X Polaron Turret

Full Jem Set

Comm Tac: TT1, CRF1, CSV2 APO3/B3
LT Uni: TT1, CSV
LT Com Eng: EptS, DEM, Aux2Sif2
Ens Sci: HE1

Damage Control Engineers Aplenty
System Engineer

This is for an Engineer captain and takes advantage of the Engineers Nadion Inversion and the polaron synergy with the Jem set to its fullest. i'd imagine that without the Rotate Shield Frequency, Nadion Inversion, and Miracle Worker that keeping shields up and weapon power up might be occasionally problematic

If I had given the ship to a tac captain, Id go with your build all day every day. Except that i'd be worried about bleedthrough and hull repair, given that aux will be so low, that HE1 might not get the job done. I had though out your build but fitting in an engineering team somewhere. But if you playtested it and it works, then thats good news.
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02-08-2013, 10:07 PM
Well reagarding the bleedthrough and overall hull repair capabilities of this build; I actually switched to the Borg Set to get an extra hull and shield heal in and so far it payed of (had the 2-piece omega plus maco shield before). Low Aux power is only a problem for HE, so if i should ever need a bigger heal i pop a battery and i get a reasonable hull heal.
Regarding weapons power; i use the borg console set (kinetic cutting beam and the console) so i get the 2 piece proc fairly often. Plus the guaranteed nadion version like effect each time i activate DEM (maybe once every 45 sec) keeps it fairly high, plus having one less cannon also helps your powerlevels.

A tip: you can get purple technicians pretty easy if you do the colonial chain mission in the B'tran cluster in the borg sector (through the dedicated transwarp gate).

Currently my whole equip consists of romulan plasma-disruptor hybrid weapons, so the polaron damage bonus you achieve through your set i can get through embassy consoles and the 2 part set bonus of the romulan console set.
The 1% chance to strip a buff of your opponent though is a bit more tricky. I would have to slot a different doff for that one. Maybe i'd kick out the projectile doffs and put in two buff-stripping doffs ...
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05-07-2013, 09:36 AM
Instead of attack pattern beta switch to omega, so much better.

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