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# 1 Rep and Fleet MARKS
06-27-2014, 11:28 PM
most missions have a theme. borg, tholian, rommy, FLEET and so on.

but allot of mission never get qued up. I think they should change the whole choice marks system. basically do away with it or tweak it .

like CCE is either fleet marks or Nukara. I think it should ONLY BE Nukara MArks unless you run it with a Fleet mate.

if ran with a fleet mate then you get a choice of fleet marks. and a small Bonus for every team member that is in the same fleet.

so say you ran it with one fleet mate and the rest pug, you and your fleet mate would then have choice of 60 fleet marks or the nukara marks, but if you had a 3rd fleet mate in the team jump to 70 fleet marks. 4th 80. 5th 90

same with every other mission even current fleet mission should get a bonus if members of the team are in the same fleet.

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