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I'm happy to signup the new Federazione Italiana Unita dei Pianeti (FIUP).
This federation born for join all italian fleet.

Actually, the Celestial Being Italian, the Confederazione Stellare Italiana, the Maquis Italia and the Marina Militare Virtuale Italiana (CBI-CSI-MI-MMVI) joined that federation.

IF you have an italian fleet, join to FIUP!! All italian player with only flag.
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11-22-2012, 07:11 AM
I'm happy to be part of this great italian reality of star trek online
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# 3 Lode alla FIUP
02-05-2013, 10:56 AM
Brothers and sisters, without distinction of sex, color, race, height, body, space and mind.

I address you as spiritual and sentient entities, I see that in your being, in your understanding existence, a part of your true self knows that we are not alone out there waiting for us, waiting for our evolution of light, expect finally recognize our being gods and not mere lumps of protoplasm animated by an unconscious life.

Your name is FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA UNITA DEI PIANETI , and my whole being of a Woman Man of the past, as a child of the future, trembles to see that even in a game humanity goes towards unity is inherent in each of us to join , to recognize the greater good, the subtle awareness that each of us has .. we are not alone .. and not just us: this knowledge has been constantly crushed, hidden, obscured by gray in their many forms and many of their events.

Where there 'division, intolerance, despotism there is a gray work, please fight with the grays and reptilians, we are joining forces in real life, and we make sure that these ships now driven only in the imagination and in a computer game are true, and that all together we can really fly
"Warp" to reach places and thoughts where no man has ever been.
Let me share with you some links of interest, which in the will and common purpose I perceive to be similar to your

Please visit our websites, tell us your experiences, share your desires, emotions, light, passion, the Grey raccontatedi you have met in your life Union and together we can fight them.

Join the cause

Peace to men and women of good will, stay away from the grays and reptilians and the voodoo.

Dax The Revenant

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