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# 1 What happened to the Atrox?
02-04-2013, 05:07 PM
I was wondering if anyone else who was a dedicated Atrox pilot has seen any kind of difference in performance? I know the Atrox was knocked around a lot but the more i fly my Atrox the more that i see that its not what it use to be, but even more disturbing is that it seems that the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought is exactly what the Atrox was before it got smacked with a huge nerf... Anyone else see a problem?
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02-04-2013, 06:58 PM
Just pwned a guy in PVP flying a JH dread with my Trox, but he was using those paper-airplane stock fighters and I was using elite scorps....so that's not even a close match up.
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02-05-2013, 12:01 AM

In the last two days, doing at minimum 2 space PvP a day in the last week, I have scored a total of two kills unaided in my Atrox. I had to ambush someone to do it both times.

I am forever on the defensive. I can make killing me difficult, and I make killing my team more difficult. This is not a winning strategy, and very very hard. At most it's a "don't lose this very second" strategy, and there ships that can do a better or equal job of that and _still_ have a bigger bite.


I would like to say fighter make or break a carrier, but that would be a lie. Being it's key feature, and everything else understandably lessor. A fighter squadron absents is noticed, if you pay attention. In PvP and PvE do you know the only time I ever notice that there are in fact such things as fighters or that I'm even under attack by one?

A siphon drone's drain, a danube's tractor beam, shield drones heal, or the named "advanced <X>" shows up on my screen.

In fairness, I don't recall being attacked by a fellow Atrox's stalker, but that may have simply been because the sum total of their bite was also unnoticed. In equal fairness, I've never been attacked by a Kar'Fi's frigates. See a Atrox or Kar'fi is a rare thing in it's self! Chicken or the egg?
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02-05-2013, 03:09 AM
I bought one the very day it came out, and it was great. It did seem powerful, a friend even videod me taking on several other players in a pvp at once and beating them. But then it did begin to degrade and now sits in my ship pool. I wont mention the ship I use so its not targeted for nerfing next

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02-05-2013, 05:26 PM
At least someone else agrees that something did indeed happen to the Atrox, and its not just me. And i agree on the last statement about stating your ship, its kinda sad its gone that far, but its so true.
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02-05-2013, 07:30 PM
I bought the Atrox for my Fed Science Captain the 1st day it was released and found it to be ok but IMO it was not has good has the Vo'Quv or the Kar'Fi.

It might be that in order to make the newer vessels more appealing to players that Cryptic may be toning down so of the existing ones to make the newer ones seem more powerful.

^ A stretch I know^

On a side note:

I always felt the Atrox came up a bit short because it has no answer to the Hanger BOP or Frigate.
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02-05-2013, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
I always felt the Atrox came up a bit short because it has no answer to the Hanger BOP or Frigate.
Naturally it does, but adding frigate-sized pets would take away yet 1 more thing from the KDF. Throw 'em a bone why don't you

Besides, if you want a better dedicated carrier there's always the lobi ships.

And who knows, I have a suspicion that the next possible Fed/Cross-faction carrier will be Romulan-designed.

Like...er, the Romulan "Falchion" Dreadnought Carrier. It'll look like a smaller Scimitar (no way in hell they'll let us fly a boss ship like that, sorry Typhoon advocates), and come with Scorpions as default pets. AND it might launch BoPs for their fat pets!
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02-05-2013, 08:39 PM
If you ask me, it's more likely to be a case of power creep. It's because new ships have been released since the Atrox, not because the Atrox is nerfed directly. New doffs and working bridge officer passives, along with boot camp raising general skill levels somewhat may also have a significant effect.
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