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# 11
02-05-2013, 07:05 PM
Excellent suggestion that has been asked for since beta, hopefully it will be part of season 8.
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# 12
02-06-2013, 10:23 AM
i think i read it in one of the dev post because i was so happy reading that.
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# 13
02-06-2013, 12:25 PM
The funny part here is that during S6, whenever you changed ships, your BOffs would stay, as would your tray. And when you changed back, you had the same BOffs and tray that you did the last time you used that ship. And never had to swap things around or put BOffs back (like now) unless YOU intended to.

Bug? Maybe. Unintended? Probably. Annoying as hell? Definitely. Unexpected? Not in the least.

(something to note: your BOffs will only become un-equipped if you use the same BOffs on multiple ships)
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# 14
02-06-2013, 12:40 PM
It is exceedingly annoying, and downright broken at this point.
Adding/removing ships from your ship inventory breaks hotkeys
Adding/removing Boffs breaks hotkeys..

It takes me a long time to set up my hotkeys again, and I'd really not want to train people's Boffs because of this. It really needs a fix ,it wasn't this bad in S6
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# 15
02-06-2013, 03:07 PM
Heck, I'll be happy if it can SAVE my tray setting PERIOD.

I use Tray 9,10 for my carrier, 2,3 for my escort1 4,5 escort 2 and 6,7 for science.

but noooooo.. every time I change ships, it resets
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# 16
02-06-2013, 03:14 PM
Probably one of the most aggravating things about this game and here we are 3 years into it, you would figure they could have fixed something like this by now considering most MMOs now come out at release with a quickbar lock feature so your powers will stay where you put them. Considering most of your space powers are class based and the same, other then your device slots and anything else you might pull down from the available powers, you would think they would be able to solve this fairly easily.
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# 17
02-07-2013, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
Can we please, for the love of God, get a tray layout save feature?
That's a great idea.

Unfortunately I don't trust them to be able to pull it off, or implement it without breaking too many things in the process.

So as much as I support the idea "on paper" ... I cringe at what the Cryptic team would do to the game if they actually went ahead and did the idea.


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