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# 1 Evaluate my build please
02-05-2013, 05:53 AM
Hi guys,

I just bought a respec token to reset my skills since i made few mistakes when i started playing few months ago ( yeah i maxed all ground and tactical abilities ) so i made a new skill tree :

My main ship a corsaire retrofit which i use for both pvp and pve ( i use fleet torh'kat from time to time). Here are the information missing from the link :

Fore weapons : 2 Plasma beam arrays mx 12, Romulan experimental beam , Romulan hyper plasma torpedos
Aft weapons : 3 Plasma beam arrays mx 12 , Kinetic cutting beam

Borg deflector
Borg engine
KGH mk12 shield

Engineering consoles : assimilated module , Zero point energy , 2 Neutronium
Science consoles : 3 emitter array mk 11 ( Embassy ones)
Tactical : 2 purple plasma infuser mk 11
Hangar bay : Elite scorpions

Doffs : 3 technicien , 1 conn officer(TT one) , 1 shield distribution officer

I use this set up for both pvp and pve , and i want to check if the skill tree works fine with my starship set up as well as if you have any suggestions to improve this build .

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# 2
02-05-2013, 07:41 AM
Do you have trouble with Aux2SIF 3 interfering with 2 copies of Aux2Batt?

If you don't I would consider scrapping Engi Team 1 and replacing with another EptW1, or perhaps instead having 2xEptS1 and EptW3. I dislike ET in general because as a hull healer it is not as good as Aux2SIF, interferes with Tac Team and you will need Hazard Emitters anyway.

Your aux energy should be taking a bad hit from Aux2Batt unless you run it with high power (you have no points in Auxiliary performance).
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# 3
02-05-2013, 09:38 AM
Not a pvp expert but a lot isn't making sense here.

No manuevers, so your defense score is low.. but you are using the khg shield to debuff their accuracy?

Nothing in aux is odd for anything eng based.

I wouldn't leave space dock without 6 in power insulators

Is there a purpose to the graviton generators? Particle gens would at least bump up your plasma DoT damage.

Combat armour is pretty important, demolitions is pretty op for eng ground.

Overall too much red in a lot of systems while ignoring complimenting systems, using a mix of both you'll get better results.
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02-05-2013, 10:12 AM
i use A2SIF in a healing key bin mostly in pvp when i take heavy damage , which start by RSP to buy time until AS2IF is ready since it have low cd but right before i pop EPS/Aux batteries then heal and start recycling A2B again. For ET1 and EPTS1 i never use them just put them there since there isn't much choice for enseign engineering skills .

Manoeuvers gives 15% bonus defence at max while most tactical have a lot more of bonus accuracy so i tought while being targeted it wont change a lot of things , but if there is a reason to max i'd be happy to learn it.

i run dual ATB so taking bonus auxiliary is quiet meaningless , i have HE2 on realy low cd so i use it to heal even with realy low it is still good.

i took graviton because i use TB in pvp, but i dont knew how graviton are affecting just assumed that graviton will buff in some way , it it is not i'd be happy to move those skill point to an other skill

i dont knew much about ground skills but i should put points in combat and demolition what skill should i get ride of ?

Thank for your answers i will probably put some changes into the build after few more feedbacks.
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# 5
02-06-2013, 03:42 PM
I chnaged the build quiet a bit , and ditched out A2B completly. and considered you remarks to make this one

But i'm concerned about not being able to have TT team always on. Is there any doffs set up that could work well with this build or should i make other changes ?

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