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# 1 The Tac/Sci/Eng Team
02-05-2013, 12:58 PM
"maybe you can hire the A-Team"

sorry needed it out of the way.

Now on a more serious matter balance/use/ubiquity whatever you wish to term it as.

Tac team: does anyone ever use TT2 or TT3? the others seem to have some use for the higher versions: ET3 is suggested every now and then in builds, I believe I've seen ST2 or 3 occasionally.

Personally I'm starting to feel like: D**m you Tac Team for being so essential that I feel ET is hurting yourself, and even Sci team is a waste of a slot. (Sci cap in a Chell'Grett).

Please someone reassure me I'm not alone in this... (or alternatively point out that I am and tell me why)
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# 2
02-05-2013, 01:10 PM
Sci and Eng team are good on backup Boffs, ones you put in when you know you're going to face the threats that they counter (Subnuke and Viral Matrix, respectively).

Tac Team isn't used above level 1 because the main benefits (clearing boarding parties, auto-distributing shields, clearing attack pattern Beta/Delta debuffs, etc.) are just as effective with TT1 as they are with TT2 or 3, and the damage bonus granted by the higher level versions doesn't compare with the boost granted by simply running a higher level anything else in that slot (another Attack Pattern, a Cannon skill, a beam or torpedo skill at level 2, etc.).

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