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Which weapon is better for taking out Borg structures in STFs fast? Cannons or weapons dealing kinetic damage?
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02-04-2013, 12:25 PM
Quantum Torpedoes + High Yield 3 + Cannon: Rapid Fire should do quite well. Granted, that does the job on pretty much everything, but why argue with success?

To actually answer your question as to which is "better", I think DHCs (and DCs to an extent) have the highest dps in-game, so would be the 'best' option. It's really hard to argue with 4 quantum torps. against unshielded targets though, the burst damage is phenomenal. For best results, I'd say use both.

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02-04-2013, 02:11 PM
Mines, either Quantum or Plasmas - with Dispersal Pattern Beta 3. 16 mines, especially when they crit, completely wreck structures. They also work great against cubes and probe swarms.

That said, I wouldn't advise using mines on Elite gates due to their firepower if you're within 8k of them. Conversely, Quantum/Plasmas torpedoes are probably better against gates due to the damage degradation of cannons at long range.

Additionally, I wouldn't recommend equipping more than 2 mine layers at a time, and not more than 3 torp tubes(without doffs, only 2 with) per direction. Any more is a waste of their global weapon recyclings.

I'd also suggest disruptor cannons/turrets to fill in the potential weapon slot gaps if you do decide go with a kinetic build - for the extra damage proc. Just keep in mind that spheres/medium ships will become an unexpected annoyance because they come in numbers and generally have just enough shields to render torps ineffective.

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02-04-2013, 11:32 PM
I've got both Quantums and Tricobalts in my front weapon slots - I use the former for general-purpose burst damage, and the latter for when the match needs that extra push to pass the optional.

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02-05-2013, 09:03 AM
I think ultimately it's distance vs damage. All energy weapons damage drops off over distance. Cannon damage drops even most drastically than beam weapons. Torpedoes on the other hand have constant damage regardless of distance. Even though the damage from torpedoes is bursty it's till a massive amount of DPS. Especially when you have multuple Projectile DOFFS slotted.
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02-05-2013, 09:42 AM
Tric mines are still the biggest stick you can swing. 1 crit to rule them all is still alive and well. DPB3, buff yourself and debuff the structure. APB unless you have a teammate running it, then APO. Even a gate running FAW will miss mines in the presence of other targetable projectiles and pets, and some abilities like the KHG/Adapted MACO 3 piece give an AoE defense bonus. Protect the mines while they arm with CSV or another AoE to suppress borg HYT plasma.

With some decent piloting there's two things in CSE that can speed up your day. Keep in mind that I haven't done these since the recent tric mine nerf, but it was pretty mild as nerfs go and it did nothing to remove chain crits.

One is deploying DPB3 when you are flying between two generators. I'm talking about the ones that require you to destroy the bottom one first. DPB3 deploys 2 mines above and 2 below your ship. You can deploy them directly between the generators so that the bottom mines lock on the bottom generator and the top mines the top generator. You could do this easily by deploying them exactly halfway between the generators, but that's not the trick. The trick is to get the bottom mines closer to their target while not getting so close that the top mines also go for the bottom. You need the top mines to go to the top generator with more travel time to target than the bottom mines. If you're buffed enough or you crit you can destroy both at once. Since the nerf you might not be able to do this without a crit, but with one it should still work.

The other CSE tactic is DPA2 which gives you 3 mines, one at a time. You can put one on each of the 3 generators if you have the timing on the dispersal and a decent hand on the throttle. DPA2 leaves you with APO3/APB3, although if you're really planning this it would be really tough to keep APB up on all 3 generators. This tactic is more reliable because even if it doesn't destroy one none of the mines are wasted like the first example.

This takes up 2 rear weapons slots and 1 ability. You can still run cannons or torps or whatever on top of it. IMO everybody, not just tac scorts, should be running at least a tric mine for structures, even Engineers. Sensor scan, disruptor procs, APB, FOMM, whatever else is still going to be coming from your team in most of the situations where you're pounding on a generator or a gate so don't think it won't be valuable.
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02-05-2013, 06:27 PM
under 1 km range helps too
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