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OK, I'm currently sitting on a Mobius, and haven't opened it yet (I'm waiting for Tac to level and boosts his rep, which should take a few years )

However, I'm considering selling it and buying a different ship.

At current exchange prices I can sell the Mobius for at least 80m EC. At those prices and with the EC I have now (+ a little more grinding/master key sales) I can buy either 2 Lockbox ships (avg price 50-60m) or 1 Lobi ship.

So I'm facing a choice: Either keep the Mobius (which some say is the 2nd best escort right now next to the Bug), or buy:

1. Jammie HEC
2. Jammie Dread Carrier
3. A Wells (considering this because the Temporal Warfare set fits it better than on the Mobius)
4. Recluse

For the record, my current ships are:

1. Armitage (non-fleet)
2. Defiant-R
3. Chimera
4. Atrox
5. Vesta Science (didn't buy the pack)
6. Regent
7. Oddy Star Cruiser (not the C-store version)
8. Steamrunner (some say it's either the 3rd or 2nd-best escort)
9. Patrol Escort (non-fleet)
10. Mirror Assault Cruiser (may dismiss soon)
11. Ambassador
12. Breen Warship

Also, I'm an Eng, and usually prefer flying my Vesta, Chimera, or Steamrunner. I've tried the Atrox and it's fun, but I dismissed it a while ago for lack of ship slots. I have yet to test out my Breen ship. Occasionally jump into my Armitage or Defiant-R to remind myself they exist

What do?!

Oh, and last question: What are your impressions of the Jammie fighters? How do they compare with the Elite Starbase and Rep pets (especially the Elite Scorps)? Do the Dominion ships have the same bonus as the Bug from mounting the Jem'Hadar space set?

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My personal opinion, keep the M?bius and grind the EC for the Wells. The M?bius is a much much more suitable ship for a Tac, but the wells console is superior, and IMO the wells skin (which can be used on the M?bius if you own both) is much prettier.

Those are ships it is most effective to get as a pair IMO, as both have some drawbacks and some pluses. Also remember you can't load cannons on the Wells so for a pure DD escort style build M?bius is the way to go.

I haven't been all that impressed with either of the Jem ships to be honest, but that's more personal taste than true functionality.

If you are a carrier fan, I hear the recluse is quite fun.

Again tho, personally, get the Wells to complement the M?bius, throw on full MACO and temporal warfare sets with the temporal consoles to max power recharge reduction, drop in fleet AP weapons and you've got an extremely fun to fly little ship.

I do swap to my fleet defiant occasionally for the higher raw DPS, but nothing is more fun than the M?bius with all the temporal goodies.

edit: do yourself a favor and try out the Breen ship. With a decent set up that thing is nearly game-breakingly OP, escort style damage and speed mixed with cruiser level tank ability.

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