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I just picked up a Dabo assignment which is fairly risk free. most of the time you get the same amount of latinum out you put in, sometimes with a crit you win a miniscule amount.

I was wondering for a moment if those winnings count toward the Dabo accolades which are really hard to get because they are so time intensive, especially the "Loaded" title.

Apparently they don't count though and I must wonder why not?

Would it be possible to change that and upgrade the Dabo assignment into a chain where a crit not only gets you some extra winnings, but also sort of raises your gambling "rep" in Ferengi gambling circles and they let your officers play at higher stakes tables since you bring more latinum into the game now and they need to rip you off again.

The higher the stakes in the assignment, the greater the risk of losing big time, but the winnings on a crit would rise as well, but would only be advisable with a near perfect doff.

Doing the last one in the chain would net you maybe a good 100k dilithium, a unique Ferengi Entertainer and a repeatable high risk high stakes gambling assignment that has a low chance of critting for another 100k dilithium.


Doing this as a doff assignment shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Maybe Borticus can give some feedback on that?
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09-06-2013, 03:14 PM
Wouldn't 100K be a little bit excesive?
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09-06-2013, 03:52 PM
That depends on the crit chance I'd say.
If I would make it the mission had a 3% crit chance at most with the perfect doff and still a disaster chance of at least 10%.

With a buy-in of around 1k maybe?

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