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Can anyone help pin this issue down its a tad perplexing, when im running the game its ok smooth medium quality graphics no issues, but then I do a couple of stf's and progressively the framerate in those stf's (it seems to be worse in space ones) drops to the point where its visibly stuttering and jerky. But here's the weird part if I hit alt-f12 or just escape to the logout menu (so the majority of the ui is gone) the stutering instantly stop's and game is smooth, but if I turn the ui back on again stuttering returns to previous levels.

I've tried turning all settings to their lowest possible and followed the guide about improving frame rate, i've also turned off all elements in the HUD settings but no progress.

I don't think this is a pure graphics issue as the stuttering is only there with the ui.
System specs
intel dual core 2.6gh
2gig ram
SSD 240gig sata II drive
gpu nvidia geforce gtx 260 (896mb memory)

I am running it on linux mint 14 under wine1.5.21, but aside from the odd occasional overheat (probably need to dust and lag still happens if i've got case open i think) i've not had any issues besides this.
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02-19-2013, 12:41 AM
Your card is getting a little long in the tooth. Still, it should run without a problem. My old card was a GT 240 and I rarely if ever got stuttering on medium settings.

Based on your specs I might have to say..I find your lack of ram disturbing! (hehe)

If possible, bump that up as it's not unheard of for vid cards to take up additional ram when it fills up its own supply. I run with 6 gigs ram on my rig and it works just fine even with several other programs on. My current card has 1g of GDDR5 and it has no issues. Ram is pretty inexpensive so it's a low priced thing to try.

I don't have any real experience with Linux so I guess only you can answer how much ram that OS takes up when you are sitting idle. I run Win7 and yeah, it eats plenty more ram, but with 6gigs available, i never have problems with the game.
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02-20-2013, 03:28 AM
Hmmm as i said this problem seems to be related to the ui rather than the actual rendering, as I can turn off the ui and things run smooth, though the ammount of ram is low im not actually hitting any memory limits usually have around 25% free ram.

Did dig up another post with issues like this and it may turn out to be a linux one, but it is a tad weird as I am using nvidia's own drivers.

I must admit the way it progressively gets worse does scream to me either memory shortage or memory leak but the fact that I can get rid of it with alt-f12 and more importantly the fact it instantly comes back says to me its not a mem leak.

As for linux idling memory usage, with an msger running in the background bout 300mb currently in use.

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