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Students, here's kind of a final thing I wanted to say to all of you before the 4th and final part of Boot Camp that we'll be having in a couple weeks. The last lesson as it were:

What you have learned here, you all have chosen to learn. You made the free decision to join, put aside whatever doubts or thoughts you might've had about PvPers and such. So between the three classes, I'm sure many eyes were opened, things were realized and so on. You've grown and improved as players.

So the point of my saying this, is that because you have become much better players, you should take the info and skills gained from Boot Camp, and share the knowledge. Don't lord it over others, or use it to your own gain, but teach others freely as we have here in teaching you.

At it's core, that's what Boot Camp has been all about: Enhancing the gameplay of STO. If it gets more people into PvP, great, because everything (and I do mean everything) you've learnt here WILL work in PvP. If it doesn't add too many new faces, at least we know that it has helped people out, people who will take all that info and only get better from there.

This has been a learning experience even for us coaches, because it hadn't ever been done before. Even so, it's been a good thing, because I will at least say that, for myself, when the next round of students comes around, I feel much more confident and such about my ability to teach and be a much better teacher for them. Maybe some of you will feel confident enough as well, to try and become a coach for the next time around.

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03-03-2013, 07:18 AM
Kind and appropriate words Mimey. Thanks!

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