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So, I appoligize for not giving all the details, but when I noticed this it was just a passing thing and by the time I remembered it, I wasn't in a position to go back and look for more details.

So, last night, I believe that I saw a spotlighted foundry mission, one of the old ones, not qualify for the IOR mission. When I get back in game tonight, I'll try and find it again so I can give more details, but if this is true, well it strikes me a kinda backhanded. I mean, here is this mission that has been voted as one of the best for all time, a shining example of what a foundry mission should be, and it doesn't qualify. I mean, really?

Like I said, I'll go back and check tonight and post here with the mission title if I can find it, but in general, should something like this be happening, where spotlighted missions could possibably not qualify?
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02-11-2013, 10:11 AM
First impulse I would have out the gate is that the average play time of the mission is not within the 15m 'window' that is the known component of the requirements. Morale of the story, dont rush too fast thru it

Assuming this was the issue at all. Additionally if the playthroughs later bring the average back above 15m, it might no longer have the dreaded red text of death.

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