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02-07-2013, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hello Captains!

Please post your questions below and dStahl will answer selected questions from all those received. Please post them today as I will ship questions off to Daniel tomorrow.

Also, remember that questions will not be answered in this thread -- answers will be posted in an upcoming "Ask Cryptic" Web Feature that should be released before the end of the month.


Brandon =/\=
1- Lobi. account bound. WHEN? Why hasn't it been done? Could you guys at least make ALL the lobi store items come in an account-bound box and give everyone a one time chance to pool the lobi on their account into one character?

2- Is there a chance that torpedoes that become destructible with high yield make use of a ship's weapon power to enhance their 2ndary effect? For example, high yield plasma @ 25 weapon power = what we have now. @125 wep power the plasma burn does 4x the current damage. It would be GRAND if the transphasic would also become a destructible heavy torpedo with high yield and have it be 100% shield penetration. Of course, firing these torpedoes would do the usual -10 wep power.

3- Omega torpedo: It should fire all its charges in a salvo not one per click. This torpedo is frustrating to use by KDF cloak-capable ships.

4- Old issue that is still not resolved: Missions & PVE Queue have not been 'cleaned' of npc communications popping up and decloaking ships. This was slated for a fix long ago and never happened. What is the status of this?

5- Why are there no torpedo-damage/effect enhancing DOFFs or romulan consoles? Energy weapons get lots of these.


6- Fleet Adv. Research Vessel (Nebula) is an upgrade of the tier 3 to tier 5. Its a poor ship and barely better than the tier 5 version. Since this is the only ship in the game that has two version and is exclusive to c-store, could we please have a fleet version of the tier 5 which has modernized bridge officer stations?

Fleet Magellan Advanced Research Vessel

Cmdr Sci
Lt Cmdr Engineer
Lt Cmdr Sci
Lt Tactical
...and sacrifice the last station for:
1 hangar bay.

It would be perfect for this science-cruiser hybrid.

Please, bring back my beloved pancake of doom.
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I have 2 quick questions

One is there ever going to have a "true" Tactical Cruiser and not one that is not a non Varient for example a cruiser with a Commander Tactical station.

Also will the Dilituam ore cap ever go up? i don't mind having a cap but 8'000 a day is to low maybe this could be a reward for gold or lifetimers. If you want to make it sitewide with zen i am sure people will get it.
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#1 Could we have some customization options for the unique bridge officers that we receive as rewards for completing featured episode series and reputation projects? Whilst I can appreciate they're unique and rare, it would be nice to have a Romulan or Jem Hadar in a Starfleet. Maybe some limited customization on their face and body morphs too? With everyone having a bunch of unique Bridge Officers that look exactly the same, they don't feel that unique.

#2 When are we likely to see the Benzite Bridge Officers back in the game? They're selectable as playable characters, but they haven't been available as Bridge Officer Candidates since at least Season 5 (when I started).

#3 New sectors, I've heard mention of more on the way, specifically above the current Cardassian sectors. I was wondering, but are we ever likely to get an actual sector within the Delta or Gamma Quadrants? We've got the wormhole to get us to Gamma and back, and we travel there in the 2800 featured episode series.

#4 When can we expect a featured episode series (or) reputation rewards that present us with a Cardassian Bridge Officer? I think out of all the current rewards thus far, a Cardassian Bridge Officer is the only one we're really missing out on at the moment.

#5 Would it be possible, at some point in the future to enable players to have Customizable Kits? Some skills some players use more than others (all dependant on play style) thus it would be a cool feature for players to be able to build their own 4-piece kits (at least, once you've hit level 50 and are Vice Admiral).

#6 The Fleet Constitution; I am aware that CBS have stated they do not wish to see one, but could you elaborate on their decision? Is it that they don't want to see a Fleet Cruiser (Constitution, Vesper, Excalibur and Exeter) or is it specifically the Constitution that they don't wish to see as a Fleet Ship? If the former, then the least we could hope for is a Fleet Exeter? The team at Cryptic went to all the effort to create the Exeter and give it a Zen price. It seems a waste to miss the Fleet version out.

#7 Would it be possible to have an optional Keldon Kit for players who have the Galor Cruiser? Such an acquisition could be via a small Lobi purchase, or (if you're feeling really generous) free.

#8 Are we ever likely to see minigames implemented into social zones? I'd love to jump into a game of Poker with fellow Trek players.

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02-07-2013, 02:42 PM
Excuse me my bad english.

1. Any plans to give us a way to get some dillitium back from old ships ?

2. Any plans to give us a way to get some dillitium back from weapons, like the old [BORG] weapons ?

Its very unfair to waste so much dil (and sometimes zen) in items and dont have an option to sell back for the same currency.

3. Do you have any plans for a "shareware" ships ? By example, with my tactical fed, I wish to test a Defiant or another ship. But I dont wish to waste ZEN or dil just for test. I would like an option to test a ship for some time, like only 1 hour.

4. Any plans to give us more account bound items ? Because I am very unpleased to get so many items character bound.

4. Any plans to give us more bank space ?
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1. When will more Doff mission chains be released?

2. Are there plans to increase the limit for doffs, inventory, bank slots, etc.?

3. What is the status of the test-driving ships idea that has been previously mentioned?

4 Can you please fix the missing Account Bank access on the Belfast (Defiant style) bridges? All of the other bridges seem to have it.

5. Is there a missing/broken accolade for killing all the captains in the Colony Invasion PvE action since all the captains are named and the other fleet mark events with named enemies have accolades?
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Hi Dan,

I listened to your interview on MMO Reporter, and it came across as heartfelt and informative to me. I really appreciate that you and others are keeping the game open, free and available to all. I thought your analogy to the various levels of fan participation in Football (U.S.) was interesting. Com badges off to you and the Cryptic staff, thank you. Happy Third year anniversary and thanks for an engaging anniversary mission, it is one of the better ones I have played on STO.

During the interview you mentioned that because of the size of the Cryptic staff you can now turn your attention to issues I could not before. Can you elaborate on this? Does this include relooking at weapons systems such as ship?s beams, ground kit crafting or ship systems, such as crew and building their game value?

You also mentioned that Cryptic is running out of Federation ships to use in the game. Will Cryptic incorporate more Federation ally ships then? The game Birth of the Federation has a Federation Destroyer in addition to a Bajoran fighter, Pakled and Betazoid ships to name a few that could be interesting additions.

I loved the trader outfit in the Anniversary mission; will it be available for release?

I also enjoyed the Wonderland race for the Breen ship, thank you for both, and would like to see similar control speed/balance/friction tests in upcoming missions.

Despite hitting the level cap, I continue to DOFF and love the system; especially the ship and character combat buff and debuff missions. What are the future plans for the DOFF system? Any plans to further integrate doffing into missions? Any plans to have new DOFF missions allow small combat benefits versus specific races?

Regarding the Foundry, will selected missions receive unique prizes? Will foundry accolades, such as those offered in Spectres, Episode Six, be permanently incorporated into our character?s bio and statistics?

Any plans on re-introducing the Easter egg mission from Klingon Scout Force or the DS9 STF?

Spoilers are always welcome. Thanks again.
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02-07-2013, 02:48 PM
With Champions Online having added vehicles to the game is there any chance of using those in the future of STO to create missions using shuttles in an atmosphere or ground vehicles like the Argo from Star Trek: Nemesis?
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There will be changes in ship design (warp-cores) and a level-cap raise:
When that both hit, what are the options you consider to keep Lockbox-/Fleet-/C-Store -ships up to date to?
Are there any plans that would mark some gear we already obtained as obsolete, or will there be kind of new gear which without would be nuts to PvP f.e. (no ship looks good without a warp-core when every other got attached one i could guess )?

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# 109 Couple of questions
02-07-2013, 02:50 PM
1. Long ago, sci ships recieved a general boost to make them more viable for damage I the form of sensor analysis. Is there any plans to review cruiser class ships damage vs science and escorts? Maybe a range bonus for cruisers to engage targets at 15km?

2. Beam arrays are viewed by many as inferior to even single cannons in a PvP setup for cruisers. There are actually several threads on the subject. Is there any chance of bringing beams up to make them more competitive vs Dual heavy cannons?

Part of the issue with beams is that they become more effective than cannons at about 6km vs dual heavy cannons (which become more effective at under 5km). Escorts can easily maneuver and close this gap and be in a position of advantage where a cruiser will eventually collapse.

3. Fleet Galaxy X?

4. Anything coming in may that you want to show off or give us a teaser on?

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Will there be any plans on adding in the Open Jacket option for the Odyssey uniform?

Can you add in the outfit that we wear during Temporal Ambassador mission?

When the Andorian ship comes out will there be a Andorian Uniform and weapon pack with it?

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