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03-18-2013, 11:06 AM
my mobius seems a little unique to all of yours.

forward 1 fleet antiproton DHC, 1 fleet antiproton DC, 1 fleet antiproton Dual Beam Bank, and 1 borg Chroniton torp mk XII

aft 3 fleet antiproton turrets

shields MACO XII

engines borg subtranswarp

deflector Borg deflector

tac consoles 2 anti proton tac consoles, 2 antiproton consoles

sci console the tipler cylinder and manheim consoles,borg universal, and science field generator mk XI

eng consoles tachyokenetic converter, and neutronium armour XI

BOFF layout

1 commander tac: tac team 1 AP beta 1 Cannon RF 2 AP Omega 3

1 LTC tac: tac team 1, Beam array overload 2, cannon rapid fire 2

1 LT tac: torp spread 1, torp HY2

1 ens eng: emergency power to shields

1 LT sci: Hazzard emitters 1, Transfer shield strength 2

the focus of this build is to deal damage and not worry about shields due to the Omega nanite repair and borg regen proc if your shields go out you can still hang in the fight for quite a while and not have to leave for long also the high amount of tac powers insures maximum impact.

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