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# 1 Modified 1st foundry mission
02-08-2013, 05:10 AM
Thanks for the 2 comments on my 1st mission, and taking in to mind the comments received, I have modified the mission to make it a bit more harder, with 2 extra Klingon Cruisers, and lots of ground combat.

As this is my 1st attempt at creating and modifying a foundry mission, if any reviewers are reading this, can you please check it out and drop a few comments, to give me a better insight on what is needed to create a good foundry mission.

The mission is called:- "Stop Klingon Invasion" or if it can't be found normally, an ID search in the title will work, ID:- ST-HPNJCXKGV

Thanks ya'll

Live long and Prosper.

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