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# 1 Tiny Mods
03-18-2013, 04:41 AM
For me and (pure assumpion) for probably most of you the part of upgrading/tweaking your Spaceship is a very important & fun aspect of STO. But IMO offers not variations. All slots together there are maybe about 23 mods in a ship (+/- 1-2). Soooo not enough.

There are rumors about a maybe coming sometime in the future warpcore slot & one dev throws ideas about a dedicated armorslot. Fine, but still not really immense tweaking fun.

My idea is to add about 50 - 100 new slots to the ships. Slots for tiny mods. The power growth of a single tiny mod should be nearly unnoticable. Let one be a fraction of a regular console of similar level. Its not about powercreeping or throwing everything out of balance, but about tweaking your personal ship more into one or the other direction.

Also it offers the chance to bring to fluff nice stuff into your ship like maybe a "Improved Astrometric Lab" tiny mod which improves your ship speed in sector travel regardless of drive because it uses shortcuts. Stuff like that. Maybe some unique tinys tied to a new exploration system ("Inconian Tranwarp relay" reduces TW timer by X timeunits).

Whatever you answer: Ist not about powercreep; lets say if you deck out your ship with all 100 tinymods for combat that its as best about the power level of an additional console.

Thoughs? (besides protecting Devs from investing Dev time into it )
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# 2
03-18-2013, 05:55 AM
50-100 equipment slots? um... no. that would crowd the UI way to damn much. or there would have to be a major overhaul to the ship equipment screen to allow multiple pages. not to mention adding in all those new items. it would take cryptic way too much work for very little profit.

you might want to be a console collector, thats fine, but i think the dev's have better things to do with their time. we should be lucky we are even getting warp cores and maybe the armor slots. originally they said they couldn't do it because they didnt have the time to invest in adding in the new tech to the engine to get it to work. and your asking them to add in an addition 50-100 slots.

Edit: Lets see how the warp core and or armor consoles turn out before asking for more.
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# 3
03-18-2013, 06:20 AM
I wish I could remember enough of the Pokemon song to put the text in here. Should make 100 items, but 101 slots in the UI so that the speculation mill explodes violently.

But, no, seriously, STO's equipment system (at least in space - though ground equipment being spread across a party and not just a character increases it) is already pretty extensive, and has a much larger impact on gameplay than most MMOs. For example, WoW has 15 equipment slots, only 2 of which grant abilities, and none of which alter how your class plays.

STO has up to 25 on a fleet cruiser, up to 14 of which can be used to grant additional abilities (not that I'd suggest using all 10 consoles for that), and 8 of which will fundamentally alter how your class plays.

And that's just the traditional equipment grid. You've got 5 slots for active space duty officers and 12 bridge officer powers, all of which can be changed around much like equipment.

There's room for a few slots here or there, but you're talking about 100 of them, with the combined impact of a standard console? Most stats aren't even granular down to a small enough level to do that, let alone the fact that the hundreds of hours players invest in them is for some of the smallest gain in the game - much longer than the reputation system for a fraction of the gain? Kinda sounds silly to me.

I can see room for a collection minigame of some sort (I don't know much about CO's action figures, but they still come to mind), but not as an extension of the equipment system.

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# 4
03-18-2013, 12:14 PM
Of course 50 to 100 is much, thats the point. Lots of fun possibilities to tweak your ship, but only in small steps. I did not had in mind to push that amount into the the standart UI we have now but rather a new window; maybe something that looks like a lcars deck plan with the slots in there.

Also these mods should not replace current equip like consoles. Far from it. Consoles are like sledgehammers compared to it. Moving the ship into one or the other direction in big leaps rather then small steps. These are supposed to be a new item type with maybe very rare XII being as rare as v/r XII consoles.

Think of the possibilites. Its not about a very much needed +30% to weapon power of choice; its about lots of little things that does not even has to have impact on combat gameplay and considering the very small boost a tiny mod you would bring to combat you might have by far less objections to place something that (just out-of-air example) increases your timeframe for space minigames like anomaly scanning by 2 sec instead of something that increases your shield HP by 5 points. Or something that adds a Transwarp Jumpcode to B'Tran to your transwarp list.

About the "where is the profit in that?" question: similar like some unique consoles Cyptic could add unique tiny mods to c-store/lockbox ships with could be used on any vessel.

"Wah, Cryptic released a new escort again, I don't need a new es... ohhh yummy tiny mod for my <current ship of choice>".

Edit: Also, again, what the dev can or cannot do in what time frame is dev stuff. Let us players just talk about how this could be a fun addition.

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