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So, I am currently working through the Dilithium Exchange and Earning Zen thing for a Retraining Token and curious as to what to do with my build for when I hit RA (expecting to have the Zen by then for the token) to best take advantage of the four ships I will be fielding at the time with the future ships I intend to get. So I will put out what is needed and hoping to get some help in figuring out what skills and to what as well as if my BOffs need retraining in (some do as they are redundant). Now some of the retraining of my BOffs I can do on my own. Loadouts on the ships are still being looked into and planned out so any advice you can give would be appreciated.

Me: Engineer Captain

Idea: Jack of all Trades Healer/Buffer/Hitter/Tank mainly solo but once I get a better PC (playing on a Toshiba NN550 right now) I would like to join on STFs and what not. I also want to be able to switch between the ships.

Ship 1: Assault Cruiser
Ship 2: Long Range Science Vessel
Ship 3: Support Cruiser Refit
Ship 4: Mirror Universe Advanced Escort

Planned Future Ships:
Long Range Science Refit (With both special consoles)
MMSV Rademacher (with all three universal consoles)

I plan on buying all three around my Birthday and Xmas as I was born in December.

Builds of the ships: Weapon loadouts are being worked on still but I know I want Combat Impulse Engines with Turn Rate increases and Positron or Graviton Deflectors and Regen or Covariant Shields. Consoles though will vary between the ships. Cruisers will be more defense oriented with armor and shield boosting consoles as well as Emergency Forcefields, SIF Consoles, and Bio Consoles. RCS Console will be on the Support Cruiser to boost it's turn rate. I am also looking into EPS Consoles.

Prefered Kits: Demo, Turrets, Generators, Drones

MY BOffs (By Area)


Andorian Female Commander> TT1 / FAW2 / APB2 / AP02 (Plan on replacing)

Human Female Commander> TorpSpread1 / APD1(Plan on replacing) / APD2 / APO3

Betazoid Female Commander> THY1 / APB1 (Plan on replacing) / APD2 (Same as before) / DPB3 (Not using Mines)

Saurian Female Lieutenant> TT1 / CSS1 / CRS1 / DPB3 (No mines so replacing it)


Vulcan Female Commander> ET1 / RevSP1 / EWP1(Plan on Replacing) / Aceton Beam3

Borg Female Commander> EPtA1 / APtS1 / APtEB2 / Aceton Beam3 (Needs Replacing)

Rigelian Female Commander> EPtW1 / EPtS2 / DEM2 / BP3


Trill Female Commander> ST1 / TSS2 / PSW1 / GW2

Bajoran Female Commander> TraB1 / HE2 / SS2 / VM2

Klingon Female Commander> TracB1 / TykR1 / TracBR1 / VM2 (Plan on replacing)

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