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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster here

The Intrepid is my absolute favourite ship, and I've been flying one for a long while now. I've finally hit upon a build that I both like and find effective. However, there's always room for improvement, so I'm now asking for some expert help! I mostly play PvE, but do occasionally dip into PvP too.

Here's my current build:

Current Intrepid link

Damage Control Engineer x3
Energy Weapons Officer (Beam Overload variety)
Energy Weapons Officer (Beam Overload variety)

Power levels:
Weapons: 92/70
Shields: 71/50
Engines: 66/35
Auxiliary: 85/45

With both EPtX running, weapons goes to 120 and engines goes to 86, leech makes them all higher.

I should note that I use phasers purely for lore-friendly reasons.
With this build, I finally broke through my personal barrier of 5kDPS, and can hit 6-7k. What I'm looking for is a way to squeeze out the absolute best I can out of this build, be it by equipment/BOFF skills/skill tree, whatever.

Here's a build I'm working towards, using fleet engines and the Dyson deflector instead:

Future Intrepid link

Although the deflector and engines look better suited to me, is it worth losing the borg 2-piece set bonus?

Thanks for reading, and any insights you can provide would be much appreciated!
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01-29-2014, 08:52 AM
Im not a Sci ship expert but I have had a few successful science ship builds.

I would drop the Zero point and field generator and go with 3 partical generators which will give your GW3 more bite.

Also Idk if you have the doff to turn your TBR to a Yo Yo pull but I'd use it. That with the extra partical generators does more hull damage as well. Stack it with your GW.

Now with your use of Energy Siphon and EPTW2 I would Ditch the BO in favor of BFAW. BO drains your weapon power therefore losing much of the multiple boosts you are getting. This would also mean switching to 5 beams+kcb.

This way you have GW, TBR, FAW all doing damage to a group of closely packed targets. I call this keeping damage synergy within your build.

Borg 2 piece is great tanking set. If you feel comfortable without it you can try others. Also I'd use Fleet resilient shields instead of covariant. Less bleedthrough and in the Intrepid you already have a high shield mod .

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Join Date: Feb 2013
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01-30-2014, 07:58 AM
You've given me a lot to think about, thank you!

I wasn't sure about the zero point, it was a leftover from ran I ran a plasma build and couldn't think what to replace it with.

TBR doff sounds great, I'll just have to see if I can afford it!

I do like the spike damage from BO, but you're right, it does drain a lot of weapons power... maybe I'll just use that in PvP or something, and give FAW a go.

Thanks for the input, it's much appreciated!
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01-30-2014, 08:38 AM
A science ship is best when using exotic abilities to damage, not weapons power. I'd suggest going full aux, slot more particle generators and other items that improve particles and crush them with GW3 and TR2 (a deflector DOFF will lower the cooldown of the other def ability). Additionally, get the gravimetric photon torpedo from the dyson rep, it's buffed by particle gens as well (and it's halfway canon still ) and use tractor beam repulsors to further sport exotic damage. I'm no pro, but that's my take on science vessels and I hurt things pretty much in my Nebula
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01-30-2014, 09:05 AM
The good thing about this build is he doesn't have to set weapons power to full being that EPTW2+Energy Siphon+Leech will make up the difference. That means extra power for Aux

The gravimetric torp is great but unbuffed without a torp spread is pretty meh

Zero-Point is a great console but with 2 high boff powers of exotic damage go with the partical generators.

I know you want to use phasers but this build would benefit from antiproton. Obilsek warp core + Omni array in back = boost to Antiproton AND Aux power. But it will do fine without if you don't want to go that way.

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01-30-2014, 03:27 PM
As edalgo said, my aux power is usually pretty high already. With 2xEPtX, leech and ES, I often see everything at about 100+, but it might be worth experimenting to see if I can get aux to 130 consistently.
I briefly tried out the gravimetric torpedo (which is very nice that it's photon ), but I found it to be far inferior to the omega. However, that could have something to do with the fact that my omega torpedo launcher is bugged and never has to reload...

Originally Posted by angrytarg
...crush them with GW3 and TR2 (a deflector DOFF will lower the cooldown of the other def ability)
Now this is big news to me! I'd wanted to stack GW and TR right when I first got to level 50 and got the intrepid, but when I found they shared a cool down I abandoned it. So will this doff lower the cool down of a second deflector ability, allowing it to be fired almost immediately after a first? That sounds like a lot of fun!

I might consider another energy type in the future (in fact anti-proton would probably be my first choice since it still very vaguely resembles phaser, ish), but for the moment I'm set in my 'Federation ships must use phasers!' mode

Once again, thanks for all the input guys

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