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right now we have 2 Versions of every fleet ship.

one for 200.000 Fleetcredits
one for 20.000 Fleetcredits and 4 Fleet Modules = 2000 Zen

how about the following:

#1 remove all the 200.000 Fleetcredit Ships, to thin out the bloated ship list (those are weaker versions of the others anyway, spare some exceptions maybe, the only reason for their existence is that Cryptic can say there are FREE versions in this FREE 2 Play game... yet they are 10% weaker, gimped versions if you will).

#2 let us buy Fleet Modules with Zen for convenience, just as it is right now.

#3 let us buy Fleet Modules for Fleet Credits, for the players who invested lots of time and in-game currency to build those bases.

with all the Dilithium, DOffs and EC items we push into the Fleetbase many of us have more Fleetcredits than we know what to do with.

we even have one Player in the Fleet who is constantly pushing Dilithium in the Base and by now he is sitting at the maximum Fleet Credit CAP, he can in fact not earn any additional Fleetcredits anymore.

How about giving those People the option to get Fleetmodules (make them account bound for all i care, non trade-able versions of the same item) as reward.

I am sure Cryptic can do the math and calculate a Fleetcredit value that compares to 2000 Zen, so it is still worth it for them.

The whole Fleetship System would just not feel so much like Pay 2 Win / Pay 4 Power / Pay 4 Loot anymore.

(for the record: i would probably not even profit from this myself, because my fleet is awesome and i barely get a chance to contribute because the projects are always running when i check in).


what Fleetcredit Value would compare to 2000 Zen?

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