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01-27-2013, 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Avoid this box as long as this thing is bound to character.

after 150 keys and no grand prize - oh well the odds are 1/200

but I now have 182 mining claims that I have to use on the 1 character - so it would take me 182 days!! straight on THIS one character to uses up the mining claims by going out of the way and doing the mining event.

This bound to character item is a bad decision!
I think the bound to character is ok,but only being allowed to use 1 mining claim a day is ridiculously stupid. Personally we should be allowed to use up those mining claims as quick as we want to. 1 per day is an unwise silly rule.
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01-28-2013, 04:25 AM
I think we need to lose either the character-bind, or the 20 hour cooldown. Having both is a little excessive.
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01-28-2013, 05:04 AM
question - so i do get 2500 DILL also when i will do NOTHING?

anyone tested this?

btw - do not open the dominion lockboxes, the previous boxes had far better rewards and they are still available. myself, i have several hundreds in the bank accross my toons...
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01-28-2013, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post
I think that character-binding them implements this intentionally. I think the mid-80 price index of dilithium actually did cut into their sales volume. This puts more dilithium on the market, but forcibly time-spread so it can't crash the rate back to the 300s or so.

Or I might be giving them a lot more credit than they deserve.
But since the reward is ore you can't crash the market the max you can refine is 8k a day.

Why can't they just do ore like they did for the emblem conversion and give me a tonne of dil ore that is refined over time. I agree either remove the daily mission or remove bind on character. We're still stuck with refining the stuff.
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01-28-2013, 08:31 AM
Why should they bind them anyway, I had a key left over from when i left 6 months ago opened a box got a mining claim but will never even use it as i have no interest in mining, i just wanna do stf and missions, so its basically useless to me.
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01-28-2013, 08:36 AM
Bonus Refined Dil (smaller amount that the Unrefined you can receive).
Bonus to Amount you can Refine (again, smaller).

There are definitely a few things that would cut down on the amount of smoking I do after popping a box and finding another of these in there...meh.
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01-28-2013, 08:43 AM
They should of just included a bonus dil range amount in the boxes. It's like working for money or in-game money, getting a prize and having to do more work to get it. Makes no sense other than having us do more work! It is a nice bonus though and I appreciate it, helps to make up for selling dil for zen to buy said box. On the positive side, you didn't get a box of DOFF's!
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01-28-2013, 08:45 AM
Yeah, I was on the mine this morning and some guy in chat had mining sickness, couldn't use the arrows in the mini game and he got 2500.
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01-28-2013, 08:52 AM
Is not the first time cryptic thinks 20 toons on 1 account =20 people with 20 different wallets.

Most people will open boxes with their main toon .Other toons are the same person but I really think to much brain power is needed to realize that 300000 toons on 1 account = 1 person most of the times.
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01-28-2013, 08:54 AM
This is a good thread. I'll save millions of EC not opening any of the dominion boxes. CXP pool items and DOff mini-packs were annoying. Having a stack of mining claims would just be depressing. I already know how to get dilithium plenty fast and I don't bother, so why would I want those?
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