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Today I was planning to play STO, but when I brought up the launcher, it had a patch to download. I figured that would be fine... Until I saw the size. 8261MB.
Is this really a patch or is it re-downloading the whole game!?
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02-17-2013, 02:14 AM
well i saw 826mbs, but when i was dling it it stoped on 797mbs and wont download the last few mbs
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# 3 same problem
02-18-2013, 02:07 PM
I have the same problem, downloads 98% of the patch then stops patching and still continues to download.

I'm using launcher version: CL_2013_01_30_20_15.

Originally installed using steam but then deleted and installed using the files from the website.

Anyone have any ideas?
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02-19-2013, 01:07 AM
This may or may not be the case here, but you can try this to see if it helps.

I spoke to another player not too long ago with a similar issue. Turns out when a new patch comes out, sometimes your launcher will try to download a massive amount of data. One way to remedy this is to do the following.

Start your launcher. Under Options, you will see where it says Disable On Demand Patching. If that is checked, the launcher will try to download the entire patch all at one time. You don't always need to do this. If this has a little check in the box, this is why you get such big patches and why it in turn takes so long.

You can patch and run the game without doing the entire patch and you are usually fine. One thing about doing this though is when you go into an area you have not visited before (eg. an STF or fleet action you have never participated in before) the game will at that point attempt to download and patch your game so you can run the instance. In most cases, these "mini patches" do not take long to download and once done, they will not have to be downloaded again. (unless another patch changing something in that instance is released) This will save you some patching time as at that point you are patching on demand and not every single thing all at once.

As far as the download stopping at 98%, I cannot say if this will or will not help, but it might be worth as try. I apologize if this was not helpful.

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02-19-2013, 04:33 AM
Well it's fixed now, since I let it go on and download the rest of whatever it wanted to; but here's what it did. The launcher re downloaded the entire game and for no good reason and installed it to one of my third storage drives. I don't know why it did that because there was never anything of Cryptic installed on that drive as it was still blank. (Only bought it a week back and planned to use it for virtual machines.)
It's like the launcher had a mind of its own to install to that particular drive. It never even gave me a choice.

Anyhow, thank you Olivia211 for your helpful reply. If the launcher acts up again I'll follow out your help next time. I would have already done it if the problem hadn't of resolved itself before reading your message.

I am thinking that something may have damaged the game files I was using previously to trigger the re-download of the whole game for some unknown reason. Now why it chose the blank hard drive doesn't make much sense, perhaps a flaw in the programming or a out side application causing problems, but it seems to run well again.

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