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# 1 Jem HEC Aux2bat skills respec
02-11-2013, 03:06 AM
Hi there. Was wondering if i can get a little advice on a respec for my Jem HEC that is in a 3x dhc pha/pol setup with an omega torp with spread and 2 turrets and cb in the rear.

Is them 2 warp core skills worth specing in 3 each or not.

This is what i have atm, well thinking about for when i use a respec token for this ship and setup.

I have tried to max what i feel is important with max damage, healing and aux2bat setup. Not really one for torps but i want to use one in spread, not really sure how much torps need specing into like so if it doesnt need to be as maxed then what values for a reasonable omega torp spread do you think would be good to go for?

The end 6 in engineering skill sets I'm never sure which to spec and how much so i try to average them all out best i can tho i think the armor one i might not need as much i dunno tho as usually i stick 6 in that as well but skill points are all used atm. I do want to help my aux out due to aux2bat, i also want eng boost for turn rate and weapons max if i could and i do want to max my shield and hull healing as best as i can.

Do i need to spec to sensors or not?

So basically i think i have a reasonable skill planned. I am just curious if i can take points from some places and put in others to max them out or not. Like them 2 warp core skills which i could put points into projectile crits or not or armor skill in the eng section. Also as i said im not sure if i need sensors specced into or not and how much to spec into projectile skills and crits for it.

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# 2
02-11-2013, 06:00 AM
well, I do not think that the DHCs would benefit from aux2bat. the build seems good, the skillset looks OK (could improve here and there, but I am not going into that atm). from my experience. still, if aux2bat actually works, than this is a solid setup (but from what I saw, and tested, DHCs are just not consisten of a powerdrain enough for that)
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# 3
02-11-2013, 06:17 AM
Well im using aux2bat atm and its very good i just need to respec as im still using the spec for breen ship setup i was using before using the new jem hec. I do alright with what i have skill wise already i just want to do a respec so i get the best out of the ship and aux2bat setup i.e power levels when using aux2bat, as well as max my weapons and healing and defences.

Remember tho this request is purely lookin at a respec i.e skills adjusting not really wanting advice on my build or anything as im confident enough there already.

You dont really need to worry about my dhc i only mention them so ppl who im askin for respec about know my build for ref only.

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# 4
02-11-2013, 06:20 AM
What are you even talking about? DHCs don't benefit from A2B, why are you even bringing them up? Tech doffs are the point.

OP the spec is fine. Personally I stop at 6 points in most skills because you get less for your money for those last 3 points. I would shave the last 3 our of one or two skills to take warp core potential to at least 6.

I take sensors for the counters it offers and the rare seconds I can keep FOMM on somebody before TT cleans it.

It's cheaper to go 3 into hull plating and 3 into threat control, which also provides damage resistance, instead of 6 hull plating.

One thing I would honestly take 9 points in is batteries. It takes consumables from 10s to 20s and will take the RMC to 30s. With the amount of monkeying around this build does with power levels batteries play a prominent role.

Your build is pretty close to what I run. Marion for DEM?
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# 5
02-11-2013, 06:36 AM
Marion for DEM would be very nice if you can get one. I see you have a torpedo spread. Consider moving to CSV instead of CRF and using DC's instead of DHC's. CSV and DEM play much nicer with DC's and you already were leaning towards a bit of multi target anyways. And I'm saying this purely assuming you want to use this in PVE. For PVP I have no advice for you that would be meaningful. For PVE I've used the things I've suggested so I feel confident reccomending them. Plus I have hours of video backing it up so....

But PVP not so much!

I"ve maxed my low rank weapons skills. Not the VA level skills. Those see about 3 points each. I do well.

Hey cheers and happyflying!

Hai ricky!


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# 6
02-11-2013, 06:50 AM
Adjusted some of the plan around a bit to take in the advice given. Is this better would you say compared to previous respec planning sheet?

Also if i forgot to say then yes i have a doff for dem (purple, could be marion) and 3 techs (purple) and somit else i forgot it could be a shield officer or another doff for dem.

Thanks for the advice so far.

About dc, i appreciate the advice about them but i have tried them in the past and I do not like em so im sticking to my loadout that i use currently, it does me fine so far. As i said advice to be for respec only, cheers.

Oh also if i also forgot this bit of info im sorry but yes its pve only and elitestfs only. Which i do regularly with ease, im just trying to improve upon what i already have. If its just a small amount then that's fine as i didnt think a respec would be that much different to my old one which it isnt really just bits and pieces a little difference. But every little helps and my past spec was for the breen ship as i think i said which was heavy in particle and graviton gens for the lt comm sci power it could use i.e grav well etc. But since i no longer have a lt comm sci i figured id put them skill points to better use with a respec.

Edit - New revision which i think is a more rounder but still improving as a skill set, attempt.

Lacking in any areas on this one, over powered in any?

Redricky, i see you mentioned put the 6 points into warp core potential but after investigating the benefits of that one and the efficiency one i was wondering were you sure you meant potential one or did you mean the efficiency one because i think the efficiency one would be of more benefit over the potential one due to more increase of my eng and shields which are at the 25 power level ingame atm.

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# 7
02-11-2013, 12:55 PM
aux2batt hoses your hangar recharge time. keep that in mind.
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# 8
02-11-2013, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
well, I do not think that the DHCs would benefit from aux2bat. the build seems good, the skillset looks OK (could improve here and there, but I am not going into that atm). from my experience. still, if aux2bat actually works, than this is a solid setup (but from what I saw, and tested, DHCs are just not consisten of a powerdrain enough for that)
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# 9
02-11-2013, 01:53 PM
Where did I put that... *rummages*... here. I still go by that. Some have said it's inaccurate for some things but I think the gist is the same for investing over 6.

And yeah, crapping out your Aux hurts hangar recharge, but honestly the hangar selection sucks hard KDF side and isn't great Fed. And the reason to fly the Jem HEC is the layout and 60 inertia, not the hangar.
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# 10
02-11-2013, 08:51 PM
Having a chat to a mate i recently found out that aux2bat running 2 isnt as efficient as i thought it was.

I noticed that when using a keybind system so i didnt have to keep checking to fire off aux2bat all the time myself i noticed that when firing the 2nd one off after 10 seconds from firing the first that my aux power is almost 0 and so when firing off the 2nd one i get no power boosting. I have been using this build aux2bat on the jem hec for about 3 weeks now and only just figuring this out lol.

Is there any fix to make aux power replenish instantly after the 1st aux2bat is ending and 2nd is about to fire so the 2nd firing of aux2bat can use aux to boost power the second time? I do have ep2a but i keep that out of a bind and use it to boost my healing of tss and he2. I do have a rmc but its cd means i cant rely on that to keep aux up when i need to fire the 2nd aux2bat. I could use aux batteries but then id need a endless supply which i wont do.

So any tips from aux2bat users?

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